ZZIM (Aewoljjim) in Jeju | South Korea

  • “ZZIM” located in Aewol is famous for its spicy braised short ribs with abalone and octopus.
  • The portions are generous, and the abalone and ribs are well-prepared.
  • Making it easy to enjoy a comfortable meal when the octopus is cut into bite-sized pieces.

[Mikitravel Signature Tour / Earlybird Deal] 2024 Busan Firework Festival Tour | Tour from Busan | Busan, South Korea

Dive into the Busan Firework Festival tour in South Korea. Join the Mikitravel Signature Tour for the Firework Festival in Busan which Produces the largest fireworks display in Korea.

  • Producing the largest fireworks display in Korea.
  • Multi-fireworks show combining spectacular fireworks, music, and lighting.
  • Due to the diversified production, you can watch the three-dimensional fireworks show no matter where you are.
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    韓國江村滑雪|伊利希安江村滑雪場(雙板/單板) & 南怡島一日遊(首爾出發)

    • 小提醒:隨著天氣變暖,2月底起滑雪場雪質將變得不穩定,預訂時請多加註意
    • 弘大、明洞、東大門歷史文化公園地鐵站都有接送,交通方便。
    • 選擇去最有魅力的南怡島,有著世界有名的山楓林大道。
    • 兩種不同類型的滑雪,可以在預訂時選擇想要體驗的類別。

    Jeju | K-drama and BTS Fan day tour | Korea

    • Choose the top k-drama filming locations and enjoy the k-drama vibes
    • Discover the hidden gems and beautiful senerey of Jeju with the well-skilled hosptility experience

    【신상품】 매직 드로잉 가족극 관람권

    믿고 보는 브러쉬씨어터의 어린이를 위함 맵핑드로잉 씨어터, 매직드로잉 가족극 <두들팝> 첫번째 이야기 !

    드로잉과 비주얼 아트의 만남으로 낙서들이 살아 움직이는 마법을 관람 해 보세요.
    손 끝에서 펼쳐지는 신비한 낙서의 세계! 지금 바로 Mikitravel에서 만나보세요!

    [Seoul] Golden Blue Marina luxury yacht experience|Han River Yachting

    • You can see the beautiful lights and charming night view of Samgwang Island in the Han River from the yacht, which is a noble but not expensive experience.
    • The best place to watch the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain of Banpo Bridge!
    • Create a romantic atmosphere while experiencing the refreshing pleasure of sailing with the speed of the wind
    • There are many different types of yachts for you to choose from, and you can comfortably experience the beautiful scenery of the Han River both indoors and outdoors.

    [Seoul] Golden Blue Marina luxury private yacht rental|Han River Yacht

    • You can see the beautiful lights and charming night view of Samgwang Island in the Han River, which is very romantic
    • The best place to watch the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain of Banpo Bridge!
    • A variety of yacht models are available, which can be selected according to personal preferences.
    • It is a great place to hold family gatherings, company dinners, parties and other personal events
    • This product is a private yacht rental service that can charter an entire boat
    • When renting a yacht at 19:30, you can watch the fireworks show and Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain Show

    【韓國】透心涼爽快暢玩水上樂園+親親大自然兩天團 |夏季限定|首爾出發

    立即於Mikitravel預訂透心涼爽快暢玩水上樂園+親親大自然兩天團 。早上,從首爾弘大或明洞搭乘舒適巴士出發,到訪室內外動物園,可超近距離與多種可愛小動物互動玩樂。下午到超大型 Onemount 水上樂園,體驗各種室內外水上活動,晚上入住 5 星級酒店。第二天親親大自然,下午到訪童話故事壁畫村,以及集齊商場購物、玩樂、賭場的人氣韓版拉斯維加斯。

    대구 출발 | 우리끼리 소규모 프라이빗 투어 (경주,청도,안동,포항,부산,통영,거제도,남해,여수 이동 가능)

    1. 아침일찍 대구공항에서 바로출발, 시내 중심에서2차 탑승

    2. 대구인근의 아름다운 시골마을 경상북도 청도관광

    3. 와인터널과 운문사, 낙대폭포, 청도읍성, 레일바이크까지 꽉 찬 스케줄

    [Join Tour] Goyang Jjimjil Spa (Aqua Field) + Gimbap, Kimchi, Hanbok Experience (Seaweed Factory) + Haengju Mountain Fortress One-Day Tour (Depart from Seoul)

    • Departing from Seoul, you can tour Haengjusanseong Fortress near Seoul and experience Korean traditional culture and jjimjilbang.
    • At Haengjusanseong Fortress, you can learn about the origins of the fortress while overlooking the beautiful Han River.
    • You can make traditional Korean kimchi and gimbap with the teacher and take a commemorative photo wearing Hanbok.
    • In the jjimjilbang and steam spa, you can relax and relieve daily stress by carefully selecting eight themed ingredients, including red clay from Gochang, Jeolla-do and charcoal from Hoengseong, Gangwon-do.