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– Philippines visa specifications –

・Visa type: sightseeing ・Visa validity period: according to the visa applied for ・Number of entries: single ・Number of days allowed to stay: according to the visa applied for

-Documentary information required for Philippine e-visa-
1. Copy of passport (valid for at least six months)
2. A copy of the front and back of your ID card
3. Philippines basic information table

Number of days you can stay in the country: 30 days Validity period and number of entries: one month, multiple times

*The approved travel permit must be printed on clean A4 paper. Each applicant's travel permit must be printed separately.
*Note: Children under 15 years old cannot apply for electronic travel permits.

– Documentary information required for paper copies in the Philippines –
1. Original passport (valid for more than six months)
2. One copy of the front and back of your ID card (those under 15 years old must attach the original copy of household registration or household register within three months)
3. Those under the age of 15 must travel with one of their parents. If the traveler already has a visa, please attach the original passport and visa of the traveler (from 2019/07/16, you need to send a physical visa with the parent who is traveling with you. If the accompanying parent or parent already has a visa, it must also be a physical visa, electronic visas are not accepted)

Number of days you can stay in the country: 59 days Validity period and number of entries: three months, single time

*Applicants must be in Taiwan when applying for a visa.
*Note: Children under 15 years old need the passport and visa of the father or mother to be sent together (cannot be sent separately)
*If both parents are traveling together, please inform us when sending the package whether you want to send the package with the father or the mother.
*Starting from 2019/07/16, you need to submit a physical visa with your accompanying parents. If your accompanying parents already have a visa, they must also have a physical visa, and electronic visas are not accepted. For parents who already have a physical visa, please provide the original passport (containing a valid physical visa) to send together with the child.
*If one of the parents is a foreigner, relevant certificates must be attached: a copy of the household registration in English or the original residence permit must be accompanied by name information on the foreign passport, and proof that the child and parents must be visible.
*If one of the parents is a Filipino, the original and photocopy of the Philippine passport must be attached.

– Incoming and outgoing items information –

・Release and delivery areas:
– Region A: Zhongshan District, Da'an District, Songshan District, Zhongzheng District, Wanhua District, Datong District
– Area B: Xinyi District, Neihu District, Nangang District
– Region C: Sanchong District, Banqiao District, Xinzhuang District, Luzhou District, Shilin District, Wenshan District, Xindian District, Zhonghe District, Yonghe District, Xizhi District
– Area D: Wugu District, Taishan District, Jiuzhuang District, Fuzhou District, Shezi District, Shushulin District, Beitou District, Ankeng District, Tucheng District, Wuda District

・Limited to same-point collection/delivery.
・Actual collection/delivery times vary by region.
・The collection/delivery times for some special areas such as hospitals, government agencies, airports, stations, etc. are slightly different and will be notified to passengers the day before; please refer to the picture below.
・After a dedicated person arrives at your home to collect your visa, you will be able to collect your visa within 5-7 working days.
・Holidays, Taiwan/Philippine national holidays and force majeure factors such as typhoon holidays, etc. are not included in the calculation of working days, and the delivery date will be postponed.
・This product can only be ordered by travelers from Taipei and New Taipei City. Area demarcation addresses such as mountainous areas and remote areas may incur additional charges. After the reservation is completed, Mikitravel customer service staff will notify you of the additional fee details, so please be informed.
・The collection time will be determined by the passenger's order time. The courier staff will call the passenger to confirm the exact delivery time before delivery.

– Important information –

・Reservations must be completed at 13:00 (GMT+8) daily.
・The Philippine Visa Office has the right to require applicants to submit additional relevant documents (actual logistics costs incurred must be paid).
・The Philippine Office has the right to refuse to issue a visa. Regardless of whether a visa is issued or not, the visa fee paid is non-refundable.
・Visa applications are limited to those within three months of departure date. Please consider your departure date before specifying a collection date.

– common problem-

Q: How can I make a claim if my passport and other related information are damaged or lost during the logistics process?
A: When valuable documents are unfortunately damaged or lost, you can apply for compensation based on the actual situation, and the maximum amount shall not exceed NT$ 3,000 (derivative compensation is not applicable). The above shall be handled in accordance with the regulations of the Highway Law.

Q: What should I do if the data specifications do not match or parts are missing?
A: Please prepare the relevant documents. If the specifications do not match or the parts are missing, you must bear the express delivery costs yourself and replace the parts within 3 working days after receiving the notification (the date for collection will be postponed).







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