2D1N Bandung Highlight Tour | From Volcano & Hot Springs to Bandung City Tour & Streets of Braga | Indonesia

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  • Immerse in Bandung’s diverse experiences, seamlessly transitioning from nature to city life. 
  • Embark on an expedition to explore the Tangkuban Perahu, an active volcanic crater with a history dating back 90,000 years. 
  • Participate in volcano trekking, indulge in a rejuvenating foot bath, and savor hot spring eggs within the captivating Domas Crater. 
  • Relax and rejuvenate in the natural sulfur hot spring baths set amidst the alpine surroundings of Sari Ater Hot Spring.

How much of Bandung have you explored? Nestled in the highlands with its cool climate, Bandung beckons both locals and visitors from neighboring cities, including Jakarta. We offer an essential Indonesian volcano tour and a modern cultural exploration of Bandung city. 

On the first day, you’ll embark on a gentle trek and relish the sulfur hot springs of Tangkuban Perahu, an active and living volcano in Bandung. Following this immersive encounter with nature, you’ll enjoy a tranquil night at Horizon Green Forest. 

The second day unfolds with visits to Bandung’s prime attractions. After a scenic city drive along the best routes, the real adventure begins. You’ll savor Indonesian tea and local cuisine, partake in a performance spotlighting the rich traditions of the Sundanese people, and have ample free time until evening to explore the vibrant streets of Braga. Here, modern culture harmoniously coexists, offering a unique experience rarely found in Jakarta.


  • Bottled water
  • Attraction ticket
  • Tour guide
  • Admission fee
  • Fuel costs
  • Driver
  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Meals
  • Other expenses not mentioned


  • 07:00 Hotel Pick Up: Hotel in Jakarta

<span class='tour-time'><strong>10:00</strong></span>  Mount Tangkuban Perahu

<span class='tour-time'><strong>11:00</strong></span>  Domas Crater

<span class='tour-time'><strong>13:00</strong></span>  Lunch: Kampung Daun

<span class='tour-time'><strong>15:00</strong></span>  Sari Atere Hot Spring

<span class='tour-time'><strong>18:00</strong></span>  Check In at  Horison Green Forest Bandung Resort

<span class='tour-time'><strong>Day 2</strong></span>

  • 08:00 Breakfast and Transfer to Hotel

<span class='tour-time'><strong>10:00</strong></span>  Bandung City Tour

<span class='tour-time'><strong>13:00</strong></span>  Lunch at Teabumi

<span class='tour-time'><strong>15:30</strong></span>  Watch Saung Angklung Udjo's Performance

<span class='tour-time'><strong>17:00</strong></span>  Dinner and Free Time at Braga Street


2 day(s)








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