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Book now on Mikitravel to participate in the "Little Store Manager Project" designed by the Humber Zebra Production House team for children! Children will transform into store managers at Flower Spot Tea House/Meow Art Coffee/Liudingji. Through interesting experiential learning, children will develop their sense of responsibility, understand vocational skills, and enhance their learning motivation! The activities are hosted by store managers from all walks of life. The staff personally led the children to experience the work. Wearing the exclusive uniform with a sense of ritual Up, the little store manager needs to complete a number of interesting and challenging tasks in the store. Don’t know where else there is fun in Hong Kong? You might as well sign up for the Little Store Manager course to give your children a new experience! After a fulfilling course, the store manager will simply test everyone on the knowledge mentioned in several classes. If you answer correctly, you will get a diploma!

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– An Introduction-

1. Little store manager experience: Huaban Tea House | Taiwanese hand-crank shop

Flower Spot Tea House is a tea brand originating from Hong Kong, inheriting the authentic Taiwanese milk tea making technology. Made with good water, good tea and good milk as raw materials, every cup is full of the maker's ingenuity and warms every cup. If you want to drink a good cup of tea, it often requires not only the selection of high-quality ingredients, but also the care in making the tea. The natural tea made by hand is often more mellow in taste than the tea that is simply brewed. To drink good tea, go to Huaban Teahouse!

Process introduction:

  • [Modulation hand crank]
  • [Preparation for opening a store]
  • [Production by placing an order]

Course period:

The Little Store Manager Experience Course is available and the complete course is approximately 1 hour.

Experience location:

Flower Spot Tea House – To Kwa Wan Uplace Store (Shop G04, G/F, U PLACE, 66-82 Kowloon City Road, To Kwa Wan)

2. Little store manager experience: Meow Art Coffee Meow Mansion I Cat Experience Center

Located in Tsuen Wan West, it is a multi-purpose studio with a cat theme. The studio occupies an area of 1,500 square feet and has large glass windows, allowing you to enjoy the view of the west waterfront of Tsuen Wan and the Ting Kau Bridge. Different types of workshops will be held from time to time, and there are 12 cute cat store managers working with you on site!

Process introduction:

  • [Distribute food to cats]
  • 【Taking care of the cat's daily life】
  • 【Cat room cleaning】
  • 【Interact with cats】

Course period:

The Little Store Manager Experience Course is available and the complete course is approximately 1 hour.

Experience location:

Meow Art Coffee (Room A, 18/F, Chun Tong Industrial Building, 38-40 Chai Wan Kok Street, Tsuen Wan)

3. Little store manager experience: Six Tripods|Hong Kong-style ice room

Hong Kong's local ice house, a family-style ice house run by two sisters. In order to continue their family's original intention in the catering industry, the founders, two sisters, left unrelated industries to establish Liudingji. The two of them do everything from developing new dishes to designing menus, and are dedicated to providing diners with the most enjoyable dining experience.

Process introduction:

  • [Understand the daily operations of the ice room]
  • 【Receiving guests】
  • 【Food and drink preparation】
  • 【Tableware distribution】

Course period:

The Little Store Manager Experience Course is available and the complete course is approximately 1 hour.

Experience location:

Six Ding Ji (Shop 8, 8B and 8C, G/F, Belvedere Garden Phase 2, 620 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan)

– Terms and Conditions –

  • Participants have the opportunity to be photographed and videotaped during the event. Once participants sign up for the event, they agree and authorize Humber Zebra to film and use it for event promotion purposes.
  • All personal information collected is for event registration only. Humber Zebra will not provide participants' personal information to third parties for direct marketing or other purposes without the participant's consent.
  • Once confirmed, the participant's name and time cannot be changed or refunded. Those who fail to attend the event on time under any circumstances will be deemed to have voluntarily given up the event, and no refunds will be given for the money paid.
  • In case of any dispute, Humber Zebra reserves the right to make the final decision.

Severe Weather Policy:

  • Red/Black Rainstorm Warning, Typhoon Signal No. 3 or above: The activity will be canceled on the day and refund procedures will be carried out.
  • Yellow rainstorm warning or typhoon signal No. 1: Depending on the situation on site, you may choose to suspend or continue the activity. The organizer will evaluate the environmental conditions and make a decision based on the circumstances. Regarding weather issues, the organizer will closely monitor the weather and on-site conditions before deciding whether to resume the event or cancel it.


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