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C9 Spa offers a unique identity with exceptional service, treating customers like cherished friends. We provide a haven for rejuvenating treatments, blending natural products with skilled massages by our trained staff for the utmost care and service

  • Experience bliss and heavenly tranquility at C9 Spa, where you’ll receive friendly and attentive treatment akin to cherished friends
  • Our distinct identity emphasizes exceptional service, providing a haven for rejuvenating treatments that embrace a natural ethos
  • Enjoy our signature treatments with natural products, expertly combined with skilled massages by our well-trained staff, ensuring the highest standards of care and service are met.

— What You Can Expect —

C9 Spa was established to provide a distinct identity, emphasizing exceptional service right from the start. Our focus is on providing friendly and attentive service, treating our customers like cherished friends. Clients visit us seeking a haven for truly rejuvenating treatments, experiencing bliss akin to heavenly tranquility while embracing our natural ethos. Our signature treatments feature natural products expertly combined with skilled massages delivered by our well-trained staff, ensuring the highest standards of care and service are met

— Important Info —

  • Location: C9 Spa in Chiang Mai
  • Address: Twin Peaks Condominium, 187, 13 Changklan Rd, Tambon Chang Khlan, Muang Chiang Mai 50100
  • Opening Hours: Daily 10:00 am-10:00 pm 
  • Last Admission: 9:30 pm
  • This is an open-date voucher; please contact the spa directly to make a reservation on your preferred date and time
  • The voucher cannot be used on the same day as the booking date; please book at least 1 day in advance
  • Reservation methods (choose one):
    1. Line ID: C9spa2021
    2. Call the spa from 10:00 am-9:00 pm every day (+66) 064 993 8788
    3. Whatsapp: 083 997 1594

— Package Info —

1. Lanna Thai Style

  • Traditional Thai Massage (60 Mins): Thai massage is the use of reflexology techniques. Muscles and lines along the body stimulate energy for muscles Helps to relax, reduce tightness, and relieve pain. make the circulatory system work well The unique form of Thai massage is a blend of many massage techniques and is a must-try for first-timers. It draws on the influence of acupressure, Swedish massage, yoga, and other disciplines. This holistic massage combines the therapist’s use of the palms, fingers, elbows, knees, and feet. To put pressure on different parts of the body, wear the overalls provided by the spa on the mattress. You will feel as if every part of your body is released, recharged, and rejuvenated
  • Thai Yoga Massage (90 Mins): Thai yoga massage focuses on massage, bending, pulling, and stretching the muscles in the joints of the body to increase flexibility allowing the circulatory system to work more smoothly
  • Head Back & Shoulder (60 mins): The treatment focuses on massaging the muscles around the back, neck, shoulders, and arms to help reduce tension in the upper muscles, and reduce headaches After a long day in front of the computer There is nothing better than a good neck and shoulder massage. Stress will flow blood flow to improve the lymphatic system various aches and pains will be lost in this soothing therapy
  • Thai Lanna Tok-Sen Massage (90 mins): Tok sen massage is a sonic treatment that uses a wooden stick to tap the tense muscle. The therapist will check the muscle before tapping by increasing the tapping strength from light to heavy, relaxing the muscle, and improving circulation
  • Foot Reflexology Massage (60 mins): Foot reflexology science of massage to stimulate the nerve center the system of the body Working efficiently and in good health Pressure Levels: Medium-Heavy. Our feet can support the weight of your whole body. Helps to move and work a lot. It is still the least relaxing part of the body. To pamper your feet with strength and flexibility. Regular foot massage for a few minutes is a good option. Regular foot massages coupled with reflexology help in promoting physical and physical health. Reflexology is an ancient healing method based on having reflex points on the feet that correspond to the organs and glands of the body

2. Aromatherapy Massage style

  • C9 Signature (90 mins): A new experience of massage that combines science and massage techniques into one of Zenine with a special oil massage technique that is unique by and special techniques using hot towels for massage Stimulates the body’s energy and balances the blood system to work well
  • Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage (60 mins): Aroma refers to the fragrance of aromatic oils and therapy refers to aromatherapy therapy. It combines the benefits of aromatherapy with massage postures to bring balance to the body, mood, and mind. Intensity of pressure: Light to medium hot oil massage for relaxation. It combines acupressure techniques and Ayurvedic massage philosophy. Strengthens the immune and nervous systems and accelerates the removal of excess water by stimulating transpiration. The hot oil massage helps to eliminate toxins. Stimulates the skin and makes it deeply relaxed. Hot oil massage is suitable for people with a very active lifestyle, who want to relax both body and mind with skin care It is also recommended for those who do not like Thai massage because of its intensity
  • Swedish Massage (60 mins): Swedish is a technique that uses the palm to massage the muscle, increasing muscular and skin flexibility, flushing the toxin, stimulating the nerve, and relieving emotional and physical stress
  • Deep Tissue Massage (90 mins): Deep tissue is a deep muscle relaxation massage, including techniques of elbow massage, massage, energy point acupressure, and body stretching. Helps relax stiff muscles and helps adjust the balance to make the muscles stronger
  • Hot Stone Massage (90 mins): Experience a relaxing massage that combines massage techniques. Aroma and Swedish and incorporating hot stone massage Helps to relax deeply and sleep better
  • Hot Oil Head Massage (60 mins): The treatment focuses on energizing the head, neck, shoulders, and shoulders by applying warm herbal oil drops along the scalp followed by a relaxing acupressure massage like head exercises. Reduce stress, migraine pain, and insomnia A great way to relax using skull reflexology points. This treatment relaxes and calms the mind, increases concentration, and helps relieve stress and migraines. It also aids in good sleep and is known to strengthen your hair roots
  • Herbal Ball Hot Compress with Oil (90 mins): It is a combination of aromatherapy massage and herbal compress. To help relieve muscle inflammation and stimulate blood circulation

3. Body Srubs

  • Detox & Revitalize Scrub (60 mins): Detox and rejuvenate the skin with coffee scrub, and turmeric to help reduce dark spots. Healthy and smooth skin moisturizes. Coffee grounds contain anti-oxidants. Acts as a detoxifying agent for the outer skin. and stimulate the function of the inner skin cells Adjust blood pressure condition and stimulate the burning of subcutaneous fat. Make the skin look radiant Exfoliate dead skin cells to peel off. Dead skin cells if not removed It is like an excess on the skin. Solve the stretch marks of the problem It also helps to reduce dark spots and dull marks to fade as well
  • Brighten & Firm Scrub (60 mins): Brighten your skin and make your skin firmer with honey turmeric powder scrub. Reveals naturally radiant skin. Tamarind, a Thai herb with AHA properties that help exfoliate skin cells, and reduce dark spots, combines with honey to add smoothness and moisture to the skin
  • Deep Cleanser Scrub (60 mins): Beautiful clear skin with rice milk extract skin scrub, Thai herbs for those who love bright skin, soft cream, delicately sweet scent that helps to remove old skin cells and clean the dirt left on the skin

4. Body Wrap

  • Brightening White Wrap (60 mins):  Body Mask A body mask is a pleasurable treatment where the mask is applied all over the body to provide healing effects such as hydration, detoxification, and softening
  • Roselle Wrap (60 mins): Red Mud Wraps for detoxify
  • Body Scrub & Body Wraps (90 mins): Scrub and mask the body, according to the menu

5. Hydro Therapy

  • Jacuzzi with Aromatic Bath (45 mins): Soaking with aromatic milk
  • Jacuzzi with Milky Bath & Mineral water (45 mins): Soaking with milk mixed with mineral water

6. Sauna (60 mins): A sauna is a dry heat bath that uses heat generated by burning wood, gas, electricity, or infrared technology installed inside a room to create warmth

7. Facial Treatment

  • Rejuvenate Facial (60 mins): Skin rejuvenation, rejuvenation Suitable for sensitive skin, sensitive skin, dry skin. It is a facial cleansing program. Contains yellow mud, brown algae extract, black tea, lavender, ylang-ylang, and rosemary to help lift and tighten the skin. skin rejuvenation
  • Brightening Facial (60 mins): Clear skin Suitable for sensitive skin, normal oily skin, rejuvenation program for the face. Which contains a mixture of extracts from sake, white mud, brown algae, rose, and citrus fruits which are high in vitamin C, mandarin oranges, and vitamin E to help fight blemishes and dullness. Helps clear skin and adjust the balance of skin color to be consistent
  • Detoxifying Facial (60 mins): Cleanse the face deeply, Suit for sensitive skin to normal oily skin. It is a facial skin care program with herbs, which contains advanced moisture Sugar algae extract, vitamin C, and citrus fruits which are high in vitamin C. Herbal extracts, black pepper, ylang-ylang, and help increase oxygen. Helps detoxify and prevent pollution

8. C9 Special Packages

  • C9 Royal Thai Lanna (120 mins): Holistic health care inherited from ancient times to make the body, and mind, balance and have a long life. Foot bath, foot reflexology. Thai massage and focus on head, neck, and shoulder massage
  • C9 Rejuvenate (120 mins): Rejuvenation treatment for body skin adds moisture Skin looks healthy and rejuvenated. Foot bath, body scrub, body scrub, milk bath, and body lotion Mineral water + milk bath / herbal Soaking in this powerful milky herbal water can help you relax while treating skin problems. The skin is soothed by the moisturizing effect of milk and is a great remedy for sunburn
  • C9 Balancing & Energising (150 mins): Balancing and wellness treatments Foot bath, body massage with warm herbal oil Foot massage, and hot compress massage
  • C9 Aromatic Rebalance(150 mins): Treatment to balance the body. It helps to relax the body and mind, increasing blood circulation. Foot bath, body scrub, aroma bath Aroma massage
  • C9 Activate Body & Soul (180 mins): Body and mind stimulation treatments, foot baths, body wraps, and deep tissue relaxation massages. and detox to take care of facial skin
  • C9 Experience (240 mins): Foot Bath+Scrub+Milky bath+ Signature+ Facial+Hot Stone Foot massage Rejuvenating treatment from head to toe, helping to restore mood, mind, body, body and facial skin. To look healthy, foot bath, body scrub, milk bath Signature Body Massage Facial treatments at every step, and foot massage with warm oil
  • CBD Spa Experience (90 mins): CBD is a molecule, Not a miracle but combined with the benefits of aromatherapy massage, it enhances greatly your experience. Relieving even further tried muscle helping with inflammations, greatly improving mood & stress, contributing to better sleep, and restoring Body & Mind Balance


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  • Mango with sticky rice after treatment
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