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About this tour

Walking into the DMZ demilitarized zone, get to know more about the only divided country in the world, South Korea. The DMZ itinerary is one of the most popular tours in which you can deeply understand the history of the South-North Korean War and the Cold War, and you can look at North Korean territory from the Dorasan Observatory.

  • Visit the Demilitarized Zone in the Republic of Korea, the world’s only split country
  • Learn about the history of the Korean War and feel the pain of division
  • Look at North Korea from the vantage point of the Dorasan Observatory
  • Get a glimpse of the third tunnel that North Korea dug to invade South Korea

-What You Can Expect-

Join the DMZ tour to understand South Korea and feel the pain of division as South Korea is the only divided country in the world. It takes about 6-7 hours for the tour, one of the most popular tourist itineraries in Korea.

Visit a number of spots including Imjingak Park (Bridge of Freedom, Wangbaitan), the third tunnel, DMZ image hall, exhibition hall, Dorasan Observatory, and Unification Village (window sightseeing). (Due to military reasons, Dorasan site is currently suspended.)

Enjoy pick-up service from your hotel one hour before the tour starts. (The pick-up time varies depending on the location of the hotel. The specific pick-up time will be notified by the travel agency.) It takes about an hour to get to the DMZ from the last spot.

  • Imjingak Park

Visit Imjingak Park built in 1972 for people who were separated from their families and could not return to their hometown due to the division. You can also visit the Bridge of Freedom, where some 13,000 prisoners of war returned to Korea after the armistice.

  • Third Tunnel

Get a glimpse of the third tunnel, one of four invasion tunnels in North Korea discovered in 1978. It is only 52 kilometers from Seoul and is the most dangerous one as it can pass around 30,000 soldiers per hour. Go down the tunnel on foot.

*Comfortable shoes are recommended when going down the tunnel as you will be entering a narrow, sloping tunnel.

  • Dorasan Observatory

Look at North Korea from the Dorasan Observatory. The site can be seen even closer with a telescope, so it is the most popular spot in the DMZ itinerary. All tour groups will disband at City Hall Station.

-Itinerary Info-

  • Meeting point (in Seoul):

– Customers staying in hotels

– When you are in B&B, airbnb or private residence, we will pick you up near where you live

  • Travel time:

– Departing at 8:00am: 8:00am ~ 2:00pm

– Departing at 10:00am: 10:00am ~ 5:00pm

  • Pick-up time depends on the location of your hotel and is approximately one hour before the tour starts


  • Transportation
  • Ticket
  • Tour guide (English/Chinese/Japanese)
  • Lunch
  • Personal expenses
  • Other expenses not mentioned


  • Hotels (must be in downtown Seoul)

  Take a walk in Imjingak Park (Bridge of Freedom, Prayer Altar)

  Go down the mysterious third tunnel

  Visit DMZ Video Hall / DMZ Exhibition Hall

  Look at North Korea from Dorasan Observatory


6 hour(s) 30 minute(s)








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  • Minimum number of people: English (1 person), Chinese (3 people), Japanese (3 people).
  • Please note that if the minimum number of people traveling in that language is not reached, the tour will be conducted in English.
  • Children under the age of 2 years old are free to join the tour, but seats, meals, tickets, etc. are not included. (Proof of age to be provided on site)
  • Passports are required for the entry of DMZ itinerary, and Koreans cannot participate in the itinerary.

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