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About this tour

  • Aboard the Kansai-Airport Express “HARUKA” and visit all the most popular sites in Kansai
  • Choose 3 or 6 of your favorite facilities and store to experience within a week, don’t worry about running out of time
  • Carefully selected popular spots and gourmet foods in Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe – enjoy the fun of free travel in Osaka!
  • Choose from various well-known and popular attractions and facilities, your experience is one electronic ticket (QR code) away

— Kansai Fun 1 Week Free Pass —

With the Kansai Fun Pass 1 Week Free Pass, you can experience any 3 or 6 facilities from the “List of Available Facilities” during the validity period of the pass.

  • How to use: 
    After purchasing, you will receive an exclusive electronic voucher. When in use, present the electronic voucher at the experience facility for scanning the code or exchanging the facility ticket for the experience.
    * Please note that if you purchase multiple tickets at once, when you start to use one of the e-vouchers, the other e-vouchers will also be regarded as in-use, so the validity period of all your vouchers will start at the same time. If users expect to use vouchers at different times, we recommend placing orders separately to avoid exceeding the validity period of the voucher.
  • Validity period of voucher redemptions:
    Valid within 90 days from the date of purchase. After receiving the voucher, please be sure to redeem it within the exchange validity period shown on the voucher.
    Example: If you purchase a voucher on 7/1, the validity period of the voucher redemption is: 7/1 ~ 9/28 (7/1 purchase date + 90 days)
  • Validity period:
    Valid for 7 days after the redemption at the first facility.
    Example: Used voucher at the first facility on 7/1⇒Voucher validity period: 7/1~7/7
    * Please note that the 7-day validity period cannot exceed the redemptions validity period shown on the original voucher.
    Example: If the validity period of the voucher redemption is: 7/1 ~ 9/27, and if the voucher is used only on 9/27, it will only be valid from 9/27 to 9/28.
  • Please note that the facilities and coupons can only be experienced / used once, and you cannot enter the facility repeatedly.
  • Please confirm the exchange location, precautions, business hours, and public holidays information of each facility through this link in advance before purchase.
  • List of Available Facilities:

【Osaka Area】

  1. Abeno HARUKAS 300 Observatory Ticket
  2. Osaka Aqua Liner: Santamaria Day Cruise Ticket 
  3. Osaka Wonder Cruise A-A Dotonbori Route (Round trip, 20min) (in Japanese only)
  4. OSAKA Gourmet Walk (2 tickets)
  5. Kintetsu Department Store Original Set Exchang Ticket (Imabari Towel & Kintetsu Department Store Mascot Folder Set of 1)
  6. 298 Yakiniku JPY1,000 Coupon (Namba Store, Shinsaibashisuji StoreUmeda 3 StoreFukushima StoreSannomiya Store)
  7. Nonotory(野乃鳥) JPY1000 Coupon (Can only be used in the following stores: Nonotory NambadoKOBE YAKITORI STAND&Nonotory Umemido)
  8. Paragliding for 1: JP¥1,000 coupon
  9. SUP (Stand-up paddleboarding): JP¥1,000 coupon 
    Redemption point:
    • Yodoyabashi Station (Reserved seat counter)
    KItahama Station (Reserved seat counter)
    Temmabashi Station (Station ticket office)
    Kyobashi Station (Reserved seat counter)
    Sanjo Station (Reserved seat counter)
    * To ride the “premium car”, you must purchase the reserved seat ticket at the station
  11. MR. Hiro Car Studio Voucher (total value: JP¥5,500)
  12. Umeda Sky Building Kuchu Teien Observatory Ticket 
  13. Osaka Station City Ichiroku Gourmet food court: JP¥1,300 coupon  
    Redeem at BAR del SOLE, JR Osaka Station 5F (closed on 7/28–21, unable to redeem during that time)
  14. BAR CHOICE: JP¥1,000 coupon 
  15. Dotonbori Grill & Bar Wonder: JP¥1,000 coupon 
  16. CHISO ZANMAI BUFFET RESTAURANT: JP¥1,000 coupon (must spend over JP¥5,000 per guest; the price difference needs to be paid on-site)
  17. Takoyaki Market: JP¥1,000 coupon for the following 5 shops (from 2023/7/3):
    • Yamachan HEP FIVE
    • Takoyaki Juhachiban HEP FIVE
    • 甲賀流 HEP NAVIO
    • kukuru HEP FIVE
    • 会津屋 梅田HEP NAVIO

【Kyoto Area】

  1. Keifuku Electric Rail 1-Day Ticket + Arashiyama Food Voucher
  2. Japanese SAKE Festival in KYOTO 「Sake Spring 」
    • Event Dates: 2023/7/8~7/9 (one-time entry only, must be over the age 20)
    • Location: Exhibition hall 3, 3F, Miyako Messe Exhibition Center

【Kobe Area】

  1. Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens & Ropeway : Admission and ropeway Round-trip Ticket
  2. Concerto (The Kobe Cruise): JPY1,000 coupon
  3. Mosaic Big Ferris Wheel Ticket
  4. KANNONYA Kobe (in Japanese only): JPY1,000 coupon
  5. Ton Ton Tonkatu (in Japanese only): JPY1,000 coupon for selected course
  6. KOBE Frantz (in Japanese only): Dessert coupon (Choose 1 of 3 Desserts)
  7. 元祖三津森本舖 Healthy Tansan Senbei (30 pcs per can)
    *Please confirm the business hours and usage restrictions of each facility in advance.
    *Please understand that there may be cases that the ticket cannot be used because the store is full.
    *Due to the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the business hours and days of each facility may be subject to change, and there may be cases such as restrictions on the number of people entering the facility.

— HARUKA One-Way Ticket (QR Code Edition) —

  • HARUKA line connects Kansai Airport directly with major cities like Tennoji (35 mins), Shin-Osaka (50 mins), and Kyoto (80 mins).
  • Eligibility: Persons aged 12 and above (at the time of the ticket redemption) holding a passport issued by a non-Japanese government with a “Temporary Visitor” visa.
    * Please note that holders of a student visa or a work visa are not eligible.
    * If you are found to not meet the eligibility when using the ticket, you will be charged an additional fee for unauthorized use. Please confirm the status of residence in your passport in advance. 
  • Your reserved seat is limited in car No. 4 on HARUKA Express 
  • How to redeem your ticket: Please scan the QR Code on your e-ticket at the “Redemption Machine” beside the ticket gate of Kansai Airport Station for the rail pass ticket. Passengers with a rail pass ticket can only enter the station through the manned ticket gate. 
    * For more information on ticket redemption at the Redemption Machine, please refer to the official website.
    * If the Redemption Machine is malfunctioning, please redeem your e-ticket at the green counter. Please refer to the official website for more information








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Please present your QR code on-site

  • The validity period for voucher redemption commences from the "date of purchase + 90 days," rather than the chosen "use date" during order placement. It is important to ensure redemption falls within the displayed validity period
  • After redeeming the first facility, the voucher remains valid for use within 7 days. It's recommended to plan your visits accordingly during this period
  • Please note that each facility and coupon is designed for single use only, and re-entry to the same facility is not permitted
  • Kindly be aware that unused vouchers cannot be converted into cash or refunded
  • Before your excursion, we recommend verifying the operating hours and public holiday schedules of the desired facilities by visiting their official websites. This ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience

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