[Held at a minimum of 1 person] Mt. Fuji 5th Station Lake Kawaguchiko 1-Day Tour | Depart from Tokyo

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  • Held at a minimum of 1 person. Held every Tuesday and Wednesday from August to October 2023; held every day after November.
  • English and Japanese service during the whole tour.
  • Luxury lunch, sightseeing boat and ropeway tickets included.

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-Itinerary information-

  • World Cultural Heritage “Mt. Fuji”

Mt. Fuji, at an altitude of 3,776 meters, is the highest peak in Japan and is an active volcano straddling Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefectures. Its elegant appearance is known outside of Japan as a symbol of Japan. In addition, it has been the subject of many works of art, and has had a great influence not only on the artistic side, but also on geological aspects such as climate and stratigraphy. You can enjoy the magnificent view of the Fuji Five Lakes and the Japanese Alps from the viewpoint at the 5th station of the Fuji Subaru Line (2,305m above sea level).

  • Lake Kawaguchiko Sightseeing Boat “Appare (天晴)”

The appearance of the boat looks and feels like a warlord. This is a pure Japanese-style sightseeing boat with the theme of the Atakebune boat of the Kai Takeda Army during the The Sengoku Period. When the weather is good, you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of Mt. Fuji. Please enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji from the observatory. There is a space with an automatic opening and closing roof, which is safe even in rainy days!

  • Lake Kawaguchiko

With the second largest of the Fuji Five Lakes, this area is especially popular with tourists because of the stunning views of Mt. Fuji. Please look forward to the “Inverted Mt. Fuji” that can only be seen when the weather is fine♪

  • “Mt. Fuji Panoramic Ropeway” to Mt. Tenjo

From Kawaguchikohan Station at an altitude of 856m to Fujimidai Station at an altitude of 1,075m, it takes only 3 minutes by the ropeway. Enjoy the panoramic views of Japan’s tallest Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi.


  • Lunch
  • Transportation
  • Attraction ticket
  • Tour guide
  • Personal expenses
  • Other expenses not mentioned


<span class='tour-time'><strong>Day 1</strong></span>

  • 07:40 Depart from Toranomon Hills Business Tower bus stop *Please gather 10 minutes before departure. No waiting for late travelers.

<span class='tour-time'><strong>10:45</strong></span>  Enjoy the magnificent view at the 5th station of Mt. Fuji at an altitude of 2,305m. (Stay for about 40 minutes)

<span class='tour-time'><strong>12:05</strong></span>  Enjoy lunch. (Photos inside the restaurant are for reference only)

  <Premium Plan> Western buffet lunch (about 80 dishes to choose from)

  Feel the atmosphere of the Sengoku period on the Lake Kawaguchiko sightseeing boat "Appare (天晴)"

  Ride the ropeway to the observatory to enjoy the beauty of Mt. Fuji.


11 hour(s)








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Please present the e-voucher on-site

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For cancellations 5 day(s) (inclusive) before the selected date, a cancellation fee of 0% will apply
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  • High blood pressure, Heart disease, Acrophobia, Asthma, Epilepsy, Pregnant women
  • Please arrive at the designated location 10 minute(s) before the scheduled departure time, as the tour will depart on time
  • Meals are not included for children under the age of 3
  • If the 5th station of Mt. Fuji is closed due to road traffic control, the itinerary will be adjusted to visit other sights (e.g., 4th station, Oshino Hakkai, or Mt. Fuji World Heritage Centre), and no refunds will be given
  • No refunds will be provided if the tour group departs as scheduled and the scenery cannot be seen due to weather conditions
  • During the sightseeing around Lake Kawaguchi, tour guides will not accompany participants. Instead, travelers will be given the Lake Kawaguchiko sightseeing boat and ropeway tickets in advance. Participants will need to complete the boarding procedures at the reception desk independently using the provided tickets
  • As different vehicles will be used for buses traveling to and from various spots, please ensure you take all your luggage with you when you disembark the bus at each location

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