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  • Buy a high-speed rail vacation through Mikitravel and get your travel itinerary in one go, which is cheaper than buying separately. Online customer service is the most reliable!
  • The carefully selected high-speed rail holiday diversified travel plan, with a speed of 300 kilometers per hour, quickly shortens the transportation time to and from the destination, Mikitravel is the first choice for travel!
  • Evergreen Phoenix Hotel (Jiaoxi) was officially opened in 2010. It is located in Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County, a five-minute walk from the train station and adjacent to Jiaoxi Hot Spring Park. The hotel's landscape planning uses Jiaoxi's rich landscape and hot springs to create diverse water and green landscapes, establish high-quality rest spaces, and provide diverse catering and housing services, hoping to bring all distinguished guests a happy journey.

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-Introduction to High Speed Rail Holidays-

  • Evergreen Phoenix Hotel Yilan(Jiaoxi)
    Located in Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County, it is a five-minute walk from the train station and adjacent to Jiaoxi Hot Spring Park. The hotel's landscape planning uses Jiaoxi's rich landscape and hot springs to create diverse water and green landscapes, establish high-quality rest spaces, and provide diverse catering and housing services, hoping to bring all distinguished guests a happy journey.
  • Taiwan High Speed Rail
  1. Take the Taiwan High Speed Rail to quickly travel between Taipei and other major cities in Taiwan! During this precious journey, I hope to squeeze out as much time as possible to explore the city in depth. Booking a high-speed rail vacation now can directly complete the seat reservation, which is more cost-effective than purchasing tickets on site!
  2. Go and explore the beauty of the cities in western Taiwan. From north to south, you can experience the beauty of the warm cities in the southernmost tip of Taiwan in just 90 minutes' drive.

– Hotel introduction –

  • Hotel name: Evergreen Phoenix Hotel Yilan (Jiaoxi)
  • Hotel address: No. 77, Jianjian Road, Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County
  • Hotel phone number: (03) 910-0988
  • Check-in time: after 15:00
  • Check-out time: before 12:00
  • [Brunch & Dinner-Service Contents and Meal Information]
    ●Buffet brunch is divided into four periods:
    1.07:00-08:30, 2.08:30-10:00, 3.10:00-11:30, 4.11:30-13:00
    ●Dinner: Laurel Buffet Restaurant or Yanbo Pavilion (choose one)
    1. Laurel Hall dinner hours: 17:20 ~ 19:10, 19:30 ~ 21:20
    2. Yanbo Pavilion dinner time: 17:20-18:50, 19:30-21:00
    ※Please note the meal time in the order contact information (for dinner, please note the restaurant and time slot) to facilitate the hotel's arrangement. If there is no note, the hotel's arrangement will be the main one. If the restaurant is required or the meal period is full, the hotel can arrange the time slot. or restaurant, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

  • Free fixed-point scheduled connection (excluding consecutive holidays)
  • . Shuttle buses run twice a day from Evergreen Phoenix Hotel (Jiaoxi) to Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Taipei) and Taipei Railway Station via the Snow Mountain Tunnel, which takes about an hour's drive.
    . Departure from Evergreen Phoenix Hotel (Jiaoxi): 11:30, 14:30; Departure from Taipei Railway Station: 12:45, 15:45; Departure from Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Taipei): 13:15, 16:15
    . When there are more than three consecutive holidays (inclusive), the pick-up and drop-off service will be stopped.
    . Passengers making reservations need to book a shuttle bus with the hotel service center 2 days before the check-in date. If no one makes a reservation, the shuttle bus will be cancelled.
    . Please refer to the announcement on the hotel's official website as to whether the hotel provides connection services during the epidemic.
  • [Exclusive for birthday stars]:
    1. Anyone who has the birthday of the same month can enjoy an exclusive gift◆If you stay from now to 112/12/30, you will get "a free long or round small cake". (The birthday cake will be placed in the guest room)
    2. Please fill in the name and birthday of the birthday girl of the current month in the remarks field of the order to facilitate subsequent hotel arrangements. If no remarks are made in the order, exclusive gifts will not be provided. (The name of the birthday girl must match the passenger list of the order)
    3. Each room's gift is only provided once, and will not be provided repeatedly if you continue to stay. If there are more than 2 birthday guests in each room, only one gift will be provided.
    4. Due to the limited preparation time for gifts, requests for birthday gifts placed within 3 days of the departure date will not be accepted.
    5. The items of gifts may be changed due to insufficient materials or other factors. The actual gifts are mainly provided by the hotel on site.

– Introduction to high-speed rail ticket types –

  • Adult: Passengers over 12 years old should purchase a ticket.
  • Senior ticket: Nationals who are over 65 years old (as of the date of boarding) and hold a national identity card or a government-issued document with a photo, ID card number, year, month, and day of birth that is sufficient to prove their identity.
  • Love ticket: Nationals holding a disability certificate (pink). (The "Discount Measures for Necessary Accompanying Persons" field on the back of the certificate of disability must be marked with the words "Domestic Public Transport" to provide the one-person Love Ticket Discount for the necessary accompanying person)
  • Child tickets: Children under the age of 12 may purchase child tickets. However, children under the age of 12 who are over 150 cm in height must present proof of identity.
  • Free admission for children: Children under 115 centimeters in height, or children over 115 centimeters in height but confirmed to be under six years old by presenting a certificate, are free of charge if they do not occupy a seat. (Seat-occupiers are required to purchase child tickets) Free-of-charge children should be accompanied by adult passengers, and each passenger is limited to two free-of-charge children.

– common problem-

[High-speed rail ticket issues]

Q: What trains are available?
A: Any high-speed rail trains can be selected (please provide 3 trains for the outbound and return trips in the remarks column of the order so that the staff can help you purchase tickets). However, Mikitravel cannot reserve passenger trains and seats in advance. Actual train reservations are subject to actual bookings. If the trains provided are fully booked, you can choose another train or choose a full refund.

Q: How to obtain high-speed rail tickets?
A: The ticket is a physical voucher and will be issued and mailed to the designated address 7 days before the departure date (only addresses in Taiwan are available for shipping, and cannot be sent to overseas addresses)

Q: When can I receive my tickets?
A: High-speed rail reservations are only open for dates within 29 days of the boarding date. If your boarding date is not within 29 days, we will reserve and ship your seats after the opening day.

Q: There are two of us, can we get on/off at different places?
A: The same order can only be placed at the same station. You cannot get on/off at different stations.

Q: Can I change the pick-up/drop-off location?
A: The high-speed rail holiday is a special ticket, and there are regulations for the departure and destination stations of the ticket. For example: if you choose to depart from Taipei Station, stay in a Kaohsiung hotel, the outbound ticket is from Taipei to Zuoying, and the return ticket is from Zuoying to Taipei. No refunds will be given if you get off the train midway. When passing the station, you need to make up the difference according to the official high-speed rail fare.

【Accommodation problem】

Q: The amount displayed on the Mikitravel page is for a round-trip high-speed rail ticket and one night's accommodation. If I need to extend my stay for one night, how do I place an order and pay for it?
A: If you need to extend your stay, please confirm the departure and return dates of your itinerary and inform the customer service staff. We will provide a separate quote and add an extension option for you to place an online order.

Q: Does "extended return" have to be paired with accommodation in the same hotel? I want to book a trip to leave on Friday and come back on Sunday (3 days and 2 nights). Is it okay for us to book another hotel on our own for the second night?
A: Yes, only the first night of departure must be in a hotel matching the package. Unless you request to extend your stay at the same hotel, other accommodations can be arranged according to the traveler's preferences from the second night onwards.

【other questions】

Q: Do you provide receipts for billing?
A: There is an electronic version of the travel agency's collection and transfer receipt (according to your payment currency). Please help log in to Mikitravel as a member and go to "Message Management" to provide the company header, unified number, and email address. The collection and transfer receipt will be issued at the end of the trip. Will be sent to your email in 3-5 days


<span class='tour-time'><strong>Day 1</strong></span>

  • Take the high-speed railway with a speed of 300 kilometers per hour to shorten the transportation time to your destination

  Check into Evergreen Phoenix Hotel for a great night

  Japanese hot spring house

  Superior Western Room

  Superior family room

  Laurel Buffet Restaurant

  Laurel Cuisine Chef's Secret Beef Ribs

  • Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast at the hotel


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For cancellations made at least 9 day(s) prior to selected date, a cancellation fee of 0% will apply
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Voucher is only valid for redemption on selected dates and time slots

  • Before ordering this product, please be sure to read the ordering instructions and related agreements of the product carefully. If the orderer is not the passenger himself, the orderer will be in the position of an agent, which means he is obliged to fully inform the passenger of his/her itinerary. The ordering instructions and restrictions are legally binding on the traveler after clicking to agree, and the traveler's subsequent defense of ignorance or lack of understanding will not be accepted.
  • If you purchase the "Love Ticket/Respect for the Elderly Ticket", please be sure to bring valid documents in and out of the station on the day of departure to facilitate inspection by the high-speed rail station staff. If you do not bring the certificate or have any differences after inspection by the high-speed rail, the high-speed rail has the right to reject your ticket. To ride, you need to purchase another high-speed rail ticket before you can ride. The original high-speed rail holiday ticket cannot be refunded or refunded.
  • Nangang, Taipei, and Banqiao. The above three stations are not applicable to any two stations as the departure station and arrival station (for example: if the destination station is Taipei Station, the departure station is not applicable to Nangang and Banqiao stations).
  • Some holidays or specific periods require a price increase, and the date definition of the price of this project is not applicable. It depends on the regulations of each hotel, itinerary supplier and each Mikitravel.
  • The price includes a full round-trip ticket for a corresponding seat in a high-speed rail standard carriage; the date of travel must be the same as the hotel check-in or the departure date of the itinerary. A single order can only enter and exit the departure station and destination station at the same point, and take the same train. If the itinerary needs to be postponed, passengers are asked to provide the hotel's return transfer service. The item is a return ticket and no one-way refund is allowed.
  • The high-speed rail tickets for this project are discounted fares, can only be used on the same day, and are anonymous. If lost, they will not be reissued, so please keep them properly. All documents that have been altered, defaced, or photocopied will be invalid.
  • If the itinerary includes accommodation, check-in and check-out times are subject to the regulations of each hotel. If the itinerary includes accommodation, the number of rooms with advertised prices is limited. The actual room types available are subject to sales conditions and cannot be exchanged for other room types.
  • If you are traveling with an infant, please contact Mikitravel for insurance information.
  • For pre-purchased itineraries departing after the 29th, the high-speed rail tickets will be booked 29 days before the high-speed rail departure date. The actual number of trains that can be taken is subject to the customer service staff's reply.
  • For details of each product, payment methods, payment terms and passenger rights, please contact Mikitravel customer service. For other details such as departure points, carriage categories, discount status, number of passengers, prices and related regulations, please contact Mikitravel customer service directly.
  • Photos are for reference only, the actual situation will be determined on site. The sources of some of the scenic spots pictures on this website are provided by Mo Ke Publishing Co., Ltd. They may not be reproduced or copied in any form without permission.
  • Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this project. Any changes to this project and each product (including but not limited to adjustments to price, content, etc.) will be announced on the official website of High Speed Rail Holidays and Mikitravel without prior notice.
  • When checking into the hotel, you must present a valid ID of the "booking guest" and be over 20 years old.
  • For the itinerary changes, refunds and other related procedures for high-speed rail tickets in this project, please contact Mikitravel customer service. If you need to cancel your order, please contact Mikitravel customer service.

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No. 77, Jianjian Road, Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County

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