Japanese network card|Daily high-speed 1GB/2GB eSIM

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  • A new choice for Internet access, no need to change cards, enjoy 4G Internet access quickly and neatly, no need to rush around
  • Once you receive the eSIM QRcode, you can scan, install and use it. There is no need to run back and forth to pick up the physical card or wait for physical delivery.
  • Supports Apple and various Android system mobile phones * Samsung mobile phones purchased in different countries have different versions, so you must first confirm whether they support eSIM before purchasing (Samsung mobile phones purchased in Taiwan do not support the eSIM function)

The content of this product is provided by machine translation and may not reflect the actual information, please take this into consideration before booking.

  • Introduction to eSIM

eSIM (Embedded-SIM), also known as "embedded SIM card" or "virtual SIM card". Unlike traditional network cards, which are removable and need to be inserted into the card slot of the mobile device to use them, eSIM adopts a "virtual" form. Users only need to scan the exclusive QR Code to set up, and the card can be directly implanted into the mobile phone. , you can download the traffic plan to your phone without inserting another physical card. Book now on Mikitravel to add another level of fun to your trip!






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Frequently asked questions

No refunds or exchanges for this booking

  • Please make sure that your mobile phone and its operating system support the eSIM function before purchasing. No refunds will be issued if the order is canceled due to device incompatibility
  • iOS requires version 12.1 or higher. Please note that iPhones sold in mainland China do not support eSIM. In Hong Kong and Macau, only the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone SE 2020, and iPhone XS support the eSIM functionality
  • The eSIM must be installed and activated at the destination within 30 days after ordering, otherwise, the eSIM will become invalid and cannot be used
  • Installing eSIM requires an internet connection. Please make sure that you are connected to the Wi-Fi or available mobile data in the environment before installing
  • Each QR code can only be scanned once. After binding, the device cannot be changed or deleted. Once deleted, it cannot be rescanned or re-installed
  • Please remember to turn off data roaming on the original SIM card to avoid using the mobile network of the original SIM card and incurring high roaming charges
  • To end the eSIM plan available on your phone, click [Remove Action Plan] at the bottom to remove it
  • The internet quality may be affected by factors such as location, terrain, buildings, the number of users, and weather conditions

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