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  • Taiwan’s official agent, imported from Japan genuine Tajima Glass Fuji Mountain Cup
  • You can buy without going abroad, don’t worry about buying fake products
  • A variety of styles to choose from, let you have one at a time
  • Tajima Glass Official Website Overseas Agency List

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-Tajima Glass Fuji Mountain Cup Manufacturing Process-

First of all, the soft glass in the furnace is rolled up with a blowing rod and put into the mold, and then blown into shape by a technique called “shape blowing”. Superb technology.

The Mount Fuji part at the bottom of the cup is very thick, and you can feel an excellent sense of weight when you pick it up with your hands. The glass becomes thinner as you go up, making it a comfortable and smooth touch when your lips are close to the rim of the cup.

Not only is the appearance beautiful and the quality is excellent, but unlike mass production by machines, each cup is made by hand and is unique in the world. It is precisely because it is purely handmade that it can bring out the profound charm and excellent design, which makes people love it more and more.

- Product Specifications-

  • Product name:
    Tajima Glass Mount Fuji Cup ‧ Parent-child Tsuruta Island Glass Mount Fuji Cup ‧ Ryuta Island Glass Mount Fuji Cup ‧ Goldfish Tajima Glass Mount Fuji Cup (Cat‧Butterfly)
    Tajima Glass Mount Fuji Cup (Cat‧Moon)
    Tajima Glass Mount Fuji Cup‧Zodiac Rat
  • Composition: Lead-free glass
  • Specifications: diameter 9.2 x height 9.5 cm
  • Weight: 420 g
  • Capacity: 270 ml
  • Packing: wooden box


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  • Do not touch hard objects or glass products, please put it on the table
  • Not made for rapid temperature changes; please do not pour hot water in it
  • Manufactured by hand-blowing, there may be some micro-bubbles and small dirt, which is a normal phenomenon
  • Please fill in your home information within the delivery range. If your home location exceeds the service range, your order will be canceled

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