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About this tour

  • Travel by rail and gain access to hundreds of train stations around South Korea
  • Enjoy unlimited rides on the high-speed KTX train
  • Take advantage of various package options to best accommodate your needs
  • Get your KORAIL Pass from Mikitravel and enjoy an exclusive discount

-What You Can Expect-

Make the most of your trip to Korea with your discounted KORAIL Pass. Enjoy unlimited economy class rides on a high-speed train and travel to over 600 stations on 80 different routes.

Travel from Korea’s capital Seoul down to the port city of Busan in just 2.5 hours. Take scenic routes to see the beauty of Korea or use the pass to navigate different cities.

Choose from 3 or 5-day consecutive passes or opt for flexible 2 or 4-day passes, each valid for up to 10 days. Simply redeem your voucher at Incheon Airport Station or any major train stations across South Korea.

Discover South Korea in the most convenient and cost-effective way with your discounted KORAIL Pass.

-Package Info-

  • KORAIL Consecutive Day Pass
    – Validity Period: 3 or 5 consecutive days 
    – Pass Type: single pass or group pass; group passes are for 2 – 5 travelers only and are cheaper than single passes 
  • KORAIL Flexible Pass
    – Valid for any 2 or 4 non-consecutive days within 10 days from the first selected date of use
    – When collecting the pass, travelers need to assign the dates of use (2 or 4 days) to reserve seats. Once the dates of use are assigned, no changes can be made
    – Travelers may reserve seats upon voucher redemption. Seat reservations can also be made on the date of boarding

※ Valid within 10 days from the reservation date (Date of the 1st Ride). For those who have purchased the “Flexible Pass” already, you can not purchase once again during the period which is not pass 10 days from first open date. Please try to purchase after 10 days from open date or Consecutive pass.

-Important Info-

  • Service Range: South Korea
  • Redemption Period: before the selected date
  • Validity Period: on the selected date only
  • The voucher will be sent to you 1 business (GMT+9) day after booking. Please book this product within 1 month prior to the date you leave for Korea
  • Redemption Point: major railway stations (Seoul Station, Busan Station, Daegu Station, Gyeongju Station, Jeonju Station, and all KTX counters (9:00am – 6:00pm; please head to the ticket counter of an applicable railway station to redeem your voucher during non-specified hours)

-KR PASS Info-

  • Validity Period: 2/3/5 consecutive/non-consecutive days
  • Pass Type: single/group pass
  • Unlimited Rides on:
    – High-Speed Trains: KTX, KTX-Sancheon
    – Regular Trains: ITX-Saemaeul, Saemaeul, Mugunghwa-ho, Nuriro, ITX-Cheongchun
    – Tourism Trains: O-Train (Central Inland Circle Train), V-Train (Baekdudaegan Valley Train), S-Train (South Coast Train), Peace Train (DMZ-Train), A-Train (Jeongseon Arirang Train), West Gold Train
    – Subways and non-specified railways are inapplicable

-Additional Info-

  • A KORAIL Flexible 2-Day Pass is valid for 10 days from the first date of use. Travelers have to assign the date of use upon voucher redemption. For example, if you need to depart from Seoul for Busan on July 20 and depart from Busan for Seoul on July 28, you may book a 2-day pass and reserve seats upon voucher redemption. You may also use your KR Pass to reserve seats on the date of use at an applicable station 
  • For a group of 3 adults and 2 children in need of a 3-day pass, please book a 3-day group pass for the 3 adults and 3 child single passes for each child. Please note that the child discount only applies to purchases that are made separately
  • The voucher must be redeemed on the selected date and the pass must be used in the validity period. Travelers may use their KR Pass unlimited times on the selected dates of use
  • To book a Korail Pass, please click here. Head to the “Korail Pass” section, and enter the Korail Pass Number (16 digits) in the “MY RESERVATION” section to enter the seat reservation page (reservation is available 30 days before the date of use)
  • If a change of train becomes necessary after booking on Korail’s official website, please click “Refund” in the “Usage History” section to cancel the original ticket, and then book a new one
  • To cancel your reservation on Mikitravel, if you have already reserved your seat on the Korail Pass website/onsite, you need to cancel your Korail Pass seat first, then cancel your reservation on Mikitravel. You cannot cancel your order on Mikitravel without canceling your seat.

-How To Redeem Your Voucher-

  • On-Site Seat Reservation: Please present your printed Mikitravel KR Pass voucher on the selected date and passport (credit card not required)
  • Online Seat Reservation: If you complete the seat reservation procedures online before booking, please present your passport, Mikitravel KR Pass voucher, and the seat reservation page of Korail upon ticket inspection


  • KORAIL Pass
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel accident insurance
  • VIP cars reservation


<span class='tour-time'><strong>Day 1</strong></span>

  • Unlimited rides within validity period

  Enjoy quick rail travel for a hassle-free trip

  Relax in comfortable seats

  Reserve your seat on KORAIL's official website using your Korail Pass Number

  KORAIL Pass online reservation

  Flexible 2 or 4-Day Pass: Please select a date as specified in Step 5 first before making seat reservations (step 3 & 4)


  Click on "Usage History" to check your order and click "Print"

  Show your voucher and passport at a KORAIL ticket counter


2 hour(s)






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Frequently asked questions

The voucher must be used on the selected date and within operating hours; Invalid after expiration

The e-voucher will be sent to your email. Please present a printed voucher and your passport to redeem your ticket

Once the order has been completed, it cannot be canceled, modified, or refunded

  • There may be limited seating during Lunar New Year, Mid-autumn Festival, or peak seasons like summer and winter vacation
  • "Seat": You can reserve 2 times in one day (optional). Seats can also be reserved at the travel centers at each station, but due to long waiting lines, it is recommended to book online in advance. (Seats cannot be reserved through station ticket vending machines/kiosks)
  • "Station": You can take the train an unlimited number of times within the specified date without making a reservation in advance.
  • When tickets (seats) are sold out, standing seats can be used with a KR Pass and a valid passport.
  • All KORAIL passes are registered by name. Please provide your passport when picking up your KORAIL Pass
  • Mikitravel will not provide refunds or reissues for lost passes
  • Refunds are not possible regardless of circumstances such as schedule delays due to walkout(union strike), accidents, bad weather, or unavailability due to customer conditions. From the day of reservation, the Korail Pass cannot be canceled or refunded, regardless of use.
  • Please contact Mikitravel customer service team and provide the counter staff's English name for problems that occur when exchanging at a KTX counter
  • Group passes will require all passengers to be present at the time of voucher redemption. Missing passengers may result in failure to redeem KR Pass and no refunds will be offered
  • One certificate is for one person only, all users are requested to bring their own certificates.
  • You must hold a valid KORAIL(KR Pass) ticket (physical ticket or e-voucher on your app), a passport, and a reserved seat ticket (for seat reservations/printed). A screenshot is not eligible
  • If you have any questions, please contact KORAIL English customer service (+82-1599-7777, 8 am to 8 pm (KST)) or visit the travel center at each train station.
  • Seat location cannot be changed after making a reservation online. If you want to sit together, please order a group ticket.
  • Please visit the following Redemption point (LG Uplus counter inside the airport) only if you have purchased the Korail Pass + LG SIM package for SIM card pickup.

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