[Kurobe-Tateyama Bus Two-Day Tour] Kamikochi & Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route | Accommodation in hot spring hotel including breakfast and dinner | Chinese-speaking tour guide | Round trip to Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

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  • Kamikochi attracts more than 1.2 million visitors every year. It is one of the most famous mountain scenic spots in Japan. It has well-prepared trails for strolling and enjoying the scenery.
  • The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route runs from mid-April to the end of November every year. Depending on the season, you can enjoy views of remaining snow, alpine plants, and red leaves.
  • Take the route through the Tateyama Kurobe Alps: cable car, aerial cable car and other six modes of transportation. There are many scenic spots along the way, from leisurely walks to mountain climbing, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of nature in many ways

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—Itinerary introduction—

  • Kamikochi

It is an undeveloped resort in the Northern Alps and has some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in Japan. Get off the bus from Taisho Pond and walk to the 36.6-meter-long wooden bridge – Kappabashi Bridge. Take a leisurely walk along the blue-green Azusagawa River. The clear lake water reflects the beautiful scenery of the surrounding mountains. It is possible to interact with the mountains at any time. When you meet wild monkeys and watch them play, please be vigilant and pay attention to safety at all times.

  • Tateyama Kurobe

The mountain road that runs through the roof of Japan is the continuous peaks of the Kurobe Tateyama Alps with an altitude of more than 3,000 meters. Visit the arch-shaped reservoir built to block the Kurobe River and the Kurobe Lake created by the construction of the reservoir, and wander around , and take 6 types of transportation to climb to the top of Daikan Peak to see the majesty of the mountain. If you don't see it with your own eyes, you will never be able to describe the feeling. The natural forest surrounding the mountains allows you to visit the pure land of Japan's highest national park. The scenery along the 90 kilometers is charming and changes with the four seasons. Depending on the season, you can enjoy the remaining snow, alpine plants and red leaves, etc., just waiting for you to savor it. and feelings. From the car window, you can see the 3,000-meter-high mountains, Lake Kurobe, etc. like a large-scale three-dimensional panorama. From the fresh greenery in spring to the red leaves in autumn, there is an endless stream of climbers who come to enjoy the scenery in all four seasons of the year.

Travel through the Tateyama Kurobe Alps Route with six modes of transportation:

1. Tateyama Station (Chubu Sanzan National Park) → Bibihira (Tateyama Cable Car 1.3km, 7 minutes)
2. Bibihira → Midagahara → Tengudaira → Murodo (Plateau bus 23km, 50 minutes)
3. Murodo (view the Snow Mountain Grand Canyon here) → Daikanbo (Tateyama Tunnel Bus 3.7km, 10 minutes)
4. Daikanbo → Kurobedaira (Tateyama Cable Car 1.7km, 7 minutes)
5. Kurobedaira → Kurobe Lake (Kurobe Cable Car 0.8km, 5 minutes) → Kurobe Dam (hiking 0.6km, 15 minutes)
6. Kurobe Dam→Ogizawa (Kanden Tunnel Electric Bus 6.1km, 16 minutes)

  • Check into a hot spring hotel (Unazuki Suginoi Hotel or equivalent)

Unazuki Suginoi Hotel: Located at the entrance of Kurobe Gorge, it is an older hot spring. The spring quality is a weakly alkaline pure spring. The Kurobe River flows through it. The two sides are verdant and the scenery is beautiful. The rooms are Japanese-style rooms with 10 to 12 tatami mats. The breakfast and dinner buffets are rich in variety using fresh and colorful ingredients from Toyama Prefecture.


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  • Day2 Breakfast
  • Tateyama Kurobe (Tateyama Station-Ogizawa Station) 6 types of transportation fees
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<span class='tour-time'><strong>Day 1</strong></span>

  • 07:15 Meet in front of the Shinjuku West Exit Branch of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and depart on time at 07:30. Please note that group tours cannot wait, so be sure not to be late!

  On-site personnel will hold guide flags.

  Kamikochi (stay 180 minutes)

  Check into hot spring hotel and have dinner. *Photo shows Unazuki Suginoi Hotel

  • 08:00 After breakfast, gather in the hotel lobby and set off on time. Please note that group itineraries cannot wait, so be sure not to be late!

  Tateyama Station (Tateyama Cable Car 1.3km)

  Meimeidaira (23km by plateau bus, passing Midagahara→Tenguhira)

  Murodo (3.7km by Tateyama Tunnel Bus)*Tateyama Kurobe Snow Wall

  Daikanbo Peak (Tateyama Cable Car 1.7km)

  Kurobedaira (Kurobe Cable Car 0.8km, 5 minutes)

  Hike from Lake Kurobe to Kurobe Dam (0.6km hike)

  The tour ends at Ogizawa Station (Kanden Tunnel Electric Bus 6.1km). Assemble and depart back to Tokyo. Please note that group schedules cannot be waited for, so be sure not to be late!


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