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  • The "Steam Train" and the "Hinoki Wood Carriage" that are over a century old are rare on the market and will be satisfying to ride on. –
  • Arrange an exclusive tour guide to explain on the bus, and gain an in-depth understanding of the little-known history and ecology of Alishan.
  • Exclusively customized commemorative tickets and train certificates to record your wonderful journey.
  • Take the steam cypress train to experience three stations in the park: Alishan Station, Shenmu Station, and Duigaoyue Station.

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-Itinerary introduction-

[Train route] Alishan Station – Duigaoyue Station – Shenmu Station – Alishan Station

  • Steam Hinoki Maple Viewing Train
    The SL-31 is a 28-ton SHAY steam train manufactured by the American Lima Company between 1911 and 1915. It was used for logging and transporting timber in Alishan in the early days. It was designed with a unique upright cylinder and bevel gear to shorten the body, improve transmission power and enable Steering flexibly in curve sections to overcome rugged terrain such as curves, tunnels and steep slopes in mountainous areas. It resumed service after renovation in 2005 and is mainly used for sightseeing trains. The SL31 steam cypress train, which only appears seasonally, blew its whistle at the annual Alishan maple event. The white smoke brought memories as it moved. In the cypress carriage, which was modeled after the Japanese royal carriage, you can enjoy the only train in Taiwan. The maples on the Alpine Railway are red. On the wooden plank road to the high mountain, you can experience the romance under the Taiwanese red maples. The beautiful red carpet is scattered with the symphony of alpine birds and insects. It is a unique scene.
  • Alishan Station is located in the Alishan National Forest Recreation Area. It was originally a Chinese palace-style building. It was severely damaged by the September 21 earthquake. It was rebuilt on the same site and opened on September 13, 2007. It is the largest railway station in the country. wooden station. The wooden structure is the main body of the building. The row of slightly curved and semi-arched wooden columns on the platform is the most special feature. It is the end point of the Alishan Forestry Railway and the starting point of the Alishan branch lines Zhushan Line, Zhaoping Line and Shenmu Line. .
  • Duigaoake Station Zhushan Line Railway passes Duigaoake along the way, and a platform and meeting track are set up here. The observation deck next to the platform has a vast view and a wide hinterland, making it a good spot to enjoy the sunrise. Takatake's forest bathing health trail, especially the wooden boardwalk paved with sleepers, alpine plants, maple leaves, cherry blossoms, Unkai Falls, and winter snow scenes, are the hidden features of Takatake Station. 1986: The Zhushan Line was opened to traffic. The station was once out of service. In 2017: it became a cruise-style train stop.
  • Shenmu Station Shenmu Station is the third branch of the Alishan Forestry Railway. It is famous for the towering sacred tree that once stood beside the railway station. The renovation of the current elegant wooden Shenmu Station was completed in 2022. In order to protect the growth of precious red cypress, ecological inspection reduction and avoidance measures were adopted; through slope maintenance, the old platform was extended outwards and can be used according to the requirements. The waiting space can be flexibly adjusted according to the passenger volume; the platform that conforms to the terrain also has a viewing function, allowing you to view the Shenyi Waterfall up close, and it is the best place to overlook Tashan Mountain in the distance.


  • Commemorative package of steam train (ticket + certificate)
  • Lunch (table dishes at Sanzhixiang Flavor Restaurant)
  • Guides & Guide Headphones
  • Tips for drivers and tour guides
  • Consumption due to personal factors, such as beverages, personal shopping expenses, etc.
  • Personal travel safety insurance, according to regulations, if passengers have individual needs, they can purchase travel safety insurance by themselves
  • Expenses not specified in the itinerary, any expenses derived from suggestions, self-funded or free travel


  • 09:45 Check-in completed at Alishan Station (No. 1, Zhongzheng Village, Alishan Township, Chiayi County)

<span class='tour-time'><strong>10:06</strong></span>  The maple viewing train departs

<span class='tour-time'><strong>10:36</strong></span>  To Takatake Station

<span class='tour-time'><strong>14:13</strong></span>  Shenmu Station (stop for 60 minutes)


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