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About this tour

  • Get up close and personal with your farm animal friends
  • Go deep into the local pasture and visit the sheep shed where dairy farmers produce and raise dairy sheep. There are more than 100 sheep, and they are very enthusiastic about tourists.
  • Taste the specialty of Yinong Ranch: fresh and delicious "fresh goat milk"

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-Business information-

  • Park name: Yinong Ranch
  • Business hours: 09:30 ~ 17:30, last entry time: 16:30
  • Ticket purchase age: 13-65 years old
  • Address: No. 17, Lane 239, Changchun Road, Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269
  • Tel: (03) 956-7724

Information for admission to the park without a cashier ticket:

  • Full ticket 150 yuan: 13~65 years old
  • Half ticket 100 yuan: 6-12 years old, over 66 years old or holding a disability certificate
  • Free: under 5 years old

-Project information-

Option 1: Yinong Park Entrance Ticket (1 person) · Provide pasture (can feed lambs, guinea pigs, rabbits) · Feed (feed goats, peacocks, piglets) · Drinks (original price of this tour is 150 yuan/person, weekends and holidays can be used)

Option 2: Provide pasture (can be fed to lambs, guinea pigs, rabbits) + feed (can be fed to goats, peacocks, piglets) + drinks (can be exchanged for goat milk or other drinks) + seasonal limited DIY (rainbow aromatic goat milk bottles or suet candles) Or goat milk bath ball DIY project, which will be changed with the seasons). [Original price: 230 yuan/person]


  • Take the bus
    1. Monday to Saturday: In front of "Luodong Railway Station", take the "Dongshan Township Office Free Shuttle Bus" directly to Yinong Ranch
    2. From Saturday to Sunday: Take the Guoguang Green Bus No. 17 at "Luodong Transfer Station" (on holidays), every 1.5 hours / shift (the earliest bus is 08:00, the latest bus is 17:00, departing from Luodong Transfer Station)
  • Driving by yourself
    1. Luodong Interchange 196 → Renaili Fuxing Street → Wai Zai Wai Bridge → Go to Luodong → Turn left at 7-11 1 km away
    2. From National Highway No. 5, exit at Luodong Interchange, go to Section 1 of Zhongxing Road, turn right at the end, turn right to Section 3 of Fuxing Road, cross Waizaiwai Bridge, then turn left to Changchun Road, cross Dazhou Bridge to the right, and you will arrive. farm
    3. From Jiaoxi to Dongshan and Suao → Provincial Highway → Cross the Yilan Bridge and go right → Pass the gas station and go straight to Yuanshan → Turn left towards Luodong → Huludu Bridge → Turn left at 7-11 1 km away

ーIntroduction to the Parkー

  • Yinong Ranch Located in Kelin Village, Dongshan Township, Yilan, "Yinong Ranch" has been established for more than 30 years. At that time, the area was sparsely populated and was just a desolate village covered with wild alder trees (Taiwanese alder). However, because of its rich pasture resources, the farm owner took root here and started raising sheep with natural grazing. Later, with the completion of Luodong Sports Park, the opening of Hulu Bridge to traffic, and the prosperity of Kelin Village, "Yinong" gradually transformed into a leisure farm. In addition to adhering to the concept of "producing fresh and pure sheep dairy products" to operate animal husbandry, it also It is open to visitors and allows the public to have the opportunity to get close to the sheep and various animals. In addition to raising sheep, the ranch also provides various animal feeding experiences, including piglets, guinea pigs, rabbits, goats, chickens, ducks, etc., and adopts self-service management, from the entrance gate to the feeding bottles and feed for animals in the park. and forage, etc., all allow tourists to insert coins and take them out by themselves. At the same time, there is also a DIY classroom where you can make reservations for experience activities such as milking goats. In addition, the outdoor garden game area also has an artificial pool and rest seats. The environment is natural and simple. It can be said that it is a very suitable place for parents and children to travel together and share the countryside. Living holiday farm.


  • Tickets
  • Depends on the content of the selected plan
  • Other personal expenses
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  • Pets are allowed, please keep them in a leash carefully and clean up their own excrement.
  • Please do not bring your own food into the park to feed the animals.
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Tour's Location

Yinong Ranch (No. 17, Lane 239, Changchun Road, Dongshan Township, Yilan County)

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