Penghu Intertidal Zone | Half-Day Grouper Fish Season Tour | Grandma Baodun. The most primitive and rich intertidal experience in Penghu. Freshly Caught and Fried Grouper Dishes | Coral Reef Tourism

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  • Guaranteed to catch fish (quality assurance for refund if you can’t catch)
  • The most primitive and abundant grouper intertidal zone on Penghu main island
  • Participate in the centuries-old fishing culture of Penghu fishing village, and experience the excitement of fighting wits and courage with wild grouper, money eel and other intertidal creatures
  • Enjoy freshly caught and fried wild grouper and Penghu seaweed Huazhiwan noodles/small tube noodles
  • Passengers are requested to cooperate with the principle of sustainable marine ecology, only catch adult fish and money eels, and release small fish and other creatures

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  • Coral reef tourism is committed to becoming a leader in local exquisite and sustainable tourism. When in-depth tourism and ecological conservation become the trend, it is easier for tourists to truly know, love and cherish the rich resources of the land of Penghu. I have been deeply involved in Penghu tourism for decades, shuttled through large and small villages in Penghu, sailed to inaccessible islands, and continued to work hard. We use practical actions to pursue our beliefs. A heart that pursues beauty can move ourselves and others, so we vow to let travelers experience the beauty of Penghu and pursue the touch of travel together. At present, Coral Reef Tourism is a tourism company with excellent reputation. It is also unanimously recognized as an excellent tourism brand in Penghu by the industry, government and academia in the market. It has won many awards from the Tourism Bureau and reports from newspapers, magazines, and bloggers.


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<span class='tour-time'><strong>Day 1</strong></span>

  • A fishing village and grandma born by the sea - Go deep into the fishing village and see how grandma, with the rich gifts of the ocean, relies on the traditional and sustainable fishing method of "Baodun" to nurture memories for her family and children for a lifetime.

  The fishing village born by the sea and Grandma - "Baodun" - the only traditional fishing method unique to Penghu in the world. Due to the aging population and commercialization of fisheries, Baodun is about to disappear. Even though Grandma is old, she still devotes herself to maintaining the sea area. This activity Promote cultural values and sustainable intertidal fisheries cycles through tourism activities.

  Introduction and teaching of traditional fishing methods - Learn about the origin, design and characteristics of the stone pier fish house through the mini version of the stone pier. Indoor facilities: toilets, flushing area; equipment provided: rubber shoes, gloves, children's pontoon

  Explore the richest intertidal zone in Penghu - this vast intertidal zone nourished by the sea is not only a marine ecological area with all kinds of strange things, but also an economic source for islanders to collect snails, shells, and catch shrimps and crabs.

  Explore the richest intertidal waters in Penghu - Taiwan's fisheries are depleted and cannot be found elsewhere. The ecologically rich ocean has surprises at any time. Follow Grandma and the interesting instructor to hunt for treasures in the large intertidal zone!

  Baodun, go and mend the fish! Everyone worked together to surround the stone pier with a fishing net, and then moved the fish house made of stones in order, using the water flow to gather the organisms toward one end of the fishing net.

  Baodun, go and mend the fish! Baodun is a sustainable fishing method. In order to keep the intertidal ecology alive, large adult fish can become dishes on the dining table. Please let small fish and other creatures return to the sea!

  Gourmet Table - After completing the wonderful treasure hunt in the intertidal zone, enjoy the results of your own fishing! In the grandma's kitchen, cook the caught wild grouper in a fried way and taste the Penghu sea cauliflower huazhiwan noodles/small tubes Mee Suan, enjoying delicious food after having fun and fishing is a wonderful ending to this trip!


3 hour(s) 30 minute(s)








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  • Please arrive at the experience location ten minutes in advance, so as not to delay your personal itinerary.
  • The itinerary is in accordance with the tide, and the check-in time is different every day. Please pay attention to the check-in time of the day when registering.
  • This itinerary provides special pontoons for children, and families with young children can also sign up to participate.
  • This itinerary requires walking along the coast, which is not suitable for passengers with walking disabilities.
  • If you have special dietary requirements or other special circumstances, please inform us in advance when registering.

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