Penghu Secrets | Overnight on Wangyou Island, coral reef snorkeling, camping on uninhabited island, mysterious luminous sand of boy Pi, beach campfire on uninhabited island, seaside sunrise. Seasonal Seagull Foraging Show

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About this tour

  • Swim with fish ┃Swim freely in the sea of Sapphire Coral Garden and enjoy being surrounded by tropical fish
  • Wangyou Island Adventure┃The natural environment of the hidden world, the original ecology of the uninhabited island, the gradual sea, the sunrise/sunset of the uninhabited island and the beautiful night view of the starry sky
  • Undersea starry sky┃Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of young Pi, dive into the sea at night, and discover the wonderful luminous sand like dots of stars
  • Start lightly┃No snorkeling and camping equipment, provide fresh water/hot water for washing, have power configuration and provide electric fans, no mosquitoes on uninhabited islands
  • Penghu-style special meals┃360 Panoramic View at sea to enjoy Penghu Seafood Cuttlefish Stewed Rice Set (Dinner) and Smoked Chicken Sandwich Set (Breakfast)
  • Dancing with Terns┃From May to August, you can get a glimpse of the heroic appearance of Penghu’s seasonally limited summer migratory birds
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- Travel Information-

  • Registration time: 13:30
  • Meeting point: Nanhai Tourist Service Center – Coral Reef Counter
  • Nanhai Visitor Center Address: No. 25, Xinying Road, 1st Neighborhood, Guangfuli, Magong City, Penghu County
  • Length of trip: 14:00~09:30 the next day
  • Experience age: children and adults over 4 years old
  • Return information: Return to the departure point at 09:30 the next day
  • Event schedule:

first day
13:30 Registration at Nanhai Visitor Center
14:00 Depart by speedboat
14:45 Arrive at the offshore platform
15:30 Snorkeling in the secret area of Wangyou Island
16:30 Ecological exploration of Wangyou Island: Gradient sea, sunset on uninhabited island, introduction to uninhabited island camping area
18:30 Starry Sky Seafood Dinner
19:30 Searching for boy Pi’s underwater luminous sand/washing time
21:00 Beach campfire party
22:00 bedtime

the next day
06:30-7:00 Morning sunrise/free exploration
07:30 Penghu style breakfast
08:30 Return flight
09:30 Arrive and return to Nanhai Visitor Center

-Itinerary introduction-

Natural wilderness, dreamy secret place, Wangyou Island Overnight life on the island, we rely on the nature of the world to live. Let the five senses of the body develop to feel the direction of the wind, the frequency of the sea, the change of the tide, the trajectory of the stars, and find the connection with nature.
Life really doesn’t need much, just being here, reuniting and connecting with yourself and your loved ones. Happiness will be so simple and contented.

- About the store-

  • Coral reef tourism Penghu is rich in resources. We have been cultivating tourism in Penghu for decades, shuttled through large and small villages in Penghu, and sailed to inaccessible islands. We are committed to becoming an exquisite local, marine conservation, environmental education and sustainable tourism leader.
    We use practical actions to get closer to our core beliefs, a heart that pursues beauty, touches ourselves, and wants to share the touch with others. We vow to let travelers experience the beauty of Penghu and pursue the touch of travel together.
    Coral Reef Tourism is a tourism company with excellent reputation. We are unanimously recognized as an excellent tourism brand in Penghu by the industry, government and academia. We have also won awards from the Tourism Bureau and reported by newspapers, magazines, and bloggers many times.

  • What to eat and where to live:
  1. Accommodation: One night camping under the starry sky on the uninhabited island, “double tent” or “four-person tent” is provided. If a single person registers, a double tent will be provided.
  2. Provide [camping] equipment: mattresses/pillows, bed bags, pillowcases, blankets, headlamps, one group per person. Equipment in the tent: extension cord, electric fan, one set per tent.
  3. Provide [snorkeling] equipment: two-piece long-sleeved trousers, cold-proof clothing, (prescription) mask, snorkel, life jacket, a towel, (gift) a new mouthpiece, and each of the above is a group.
  4. Toiletries: Provide hot and fresh water showers, natural ingredients and environmentally friendly bath products, leave-in coconut oil hair cream, hair dryer
  5. Meals: One stay, two meals, dinner and breakfast. The ingredients are high-end fresh seafood-related dishes. We sell local specialty beer, and you can also bring your own snacks and drinks.

  • Q&A
  1. How many people will go out to sea together?
    We are a small group of exquisite depth. The minimum number of people in the tour is 8 people, and the maximum number of people is 20 people.
  2. Camping by the beach in summer sounds hot?
    Most of the uninhabited islands in summer will blow the sea breeze at night, and there are also electric fans in the tents
  3. Will there be a lot of mosquitoes?
    Mosquitoes can only breed in places with standing fresh water. Wangyou Island is an uninhabited island with no fresh water and no mosquitoes (fresh water for washing or drinking is provided by the Sea Paradise platform).
  4. Will there be electricity?
    There is electricity provided on the island, which is definitely enough for everyone to use consciously. During the itinerary, we will explain how the precious fresh water and electricity are obtained.
  5. Can I take a shower?
    Yes! There are 4 shower rooms with fresh water and hot water on the Sea Paradise platform next to the uninhabited island.
  6. Can I come and play alone?
    Of course you can! A tent will be provided exclusively for you.
  7. How big is the tent? Will it be crowded?
    In fact, we use a three-person tent on the market to provide two people to sleep, so that everyone can have a more spacious space; a four-person tent can actually sleep up to five people! It is very comfortable to sleep.


  • Insurance
  • 2-4 coaches
  • Camping & Snorkeling Gear
  • All activity content experience
  • Dinner on the first night + breakfast on the second day
  • Round-trip shipping and oil


  • 13:30 Gather at Nanhai Visitor Center

<span class='tour-time'><strong>14:00</strong></span>  Depart from Wangyou Island by yacht, 45 minutes by boat

<span class='tour-time'><strong>15:00</strong></span>  Arrive at the sea platform -- We set up a sea vacation platform next to the uninhabited island. It is an amusement park for travelers and a logistics station for camping life on the island. Natural resources that are taken for granted in cities are extremely precious on small islands

<span class='tour-time'><strong>15:30</strong></span>  Put on the snorkeling equipment, follow the coaches into the water to watch the blue coral reefs and swim with the fish in the sea

<span class='tour-time'><strong>17:00</strong></span>  Adventure on Wangyou Island, take you to find the special gradient sea of Wangyou Island, the relics left by volcanoes, understand the intertidal zone and ocean currents, explore the special creatures and plants on the island, climb to the top of the uninhabited island to enjoy the dreamy sunset

<span class='tour-time'><strong>18:30</strong></span>  On the platform surrounded by 360° sea view, there are lights, music, food, and starry sky, while enjoying Penghu seafood and an absolutely relaxing atmosphere.

<span class='tour-time'><strong>19:30</strong></span>  Searching for the mysterious luminous sand in the boy Pi, shining in the dark ocean at night, like dots of stars, is a rare experience in a lifetime.

<span class='tour-time'><strong>21:00</strong></span>  Under the starry sky, sit around the campfire with your loved ones and friends. We will lead you to a "fire ceremony" to draw a perfect ending to the island life experience.

<span class='tour-time'><strong>Day 2</strong></span>

  • 05:30 In the morning, you can explore the time leisurely and freely, climb up the mountain to watch the sunrise in the early morning, take a walk on the beach, and enjoy the tranquility of the uninhabited island. After packing up your mood, go to the Sea Paradise platform to enjoy local special breakfast


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  • Minimum of 8 people are required to book tour. If total number of travelers do not match the minimum requirement for this trip, the tour will be cancelled and you will receive a notification e-mail 3 day(s) prior to departure
  • The day before the activity, the coach will contact the representative of the passengers by phone to inquire about tent allocation arrangements, special meals and precautions.
  • Gathering time: 13:30; Gathering/disbanding location: Nanhai Visitor Center
  • Easy to start, bring your own simple backpack luggage, personal clothing items, it is recommended to wear/carry light clothing and slippers.
  • For ocean sustainable tourism, please use physical sunscreen or ocean-friendly sunscreen, we provide environmentally friendly toiletries.
  • It is recommended to bring a simple backpack. Items: 1-2 sets of change clothes, water bottle (drinking water is provided on the platform), toothpaste, toothbrush, thin coat (there is a temperature difference between day and night, depending on personal conditions), sun protection items (the weather in Penghu is hot in summer) , please use physical sunscreen or use ocean-friendly sunscreen)
  • For myopic friends, it is recommended to wear contact lenses and a mask when snorkeling.
  • The climate of the island is changeable and real-time, especially during the typhoon and rainy seasons. If the weather is unstable, you will be notified about two days before departure whether to cancel the tour or change to a nearby island for accommodation. If the tour is canceled due to weather conditions, a full refund will be given.
  • The itinerary must adjust the content and sequence of activities in accordance with the tide and weather conditions. For safety and comfort, the company reserves the right to arrange the activities and time arrangements of the coaches on the day.

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