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#Tainan Yuguang Island SUP stand up paddle experience

  • Yuguang Island, located in Anping, Tainan, is a very popular tourist attraction in Tainan. The natural bay formed by the tidal monsoon is a leisurely choice to ride the waves and enjoy the scenery and avoid the hustle and bustle of the crowd. It is a hot spot for water activities such as SUP, surfing, windsurfing, etc. If you have the opportunity, if you can SUP at sea, you can enjoy the pleasant scenery of fishing light from different angles, and at the same time enjoy and experience the fun of rowing SUP!

#taijiangsicaohu SUP stand-up paddle experience

  • Sicao Lake, located next to the visitor center of Taijiang National Park, is like a small Amazon River in Taiwan. It is mainly composed of ancient canals and saltwater streams.
  • With complete mangrove flora, the intertidal zone is rich in ecology, attracting many birds to forage and inhabit here; different from sightseeing tube rafts, experience SUP by rowing freely through the mangroves, exploring rare ecological secrets!

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  • Tainan Yuguang Island SUP Itinerary Information
  1. Activity time: 2.5 hours
  2. Meeting point: Moon Bay, Yuguang Island, Tainan (map)
  3. Opening times:
  • Sunrise (05:00~07:30)
  • Morning session (09:00~11:30)
  • Afternoon session (14:00~16:30)

PS. The time of the game is mainly based on the coach’s notification.

  1. Taijiang Sicao Lake Itinerary Information Activity time: 2.5 hours
  2. Meeting point: Tainan Anping Diding Bicycle Trail (map)
  3. Opening times:
  • Sunrise (05:00~07:30)
  • Morning session (09:00~12:00)
  • Afternoon session (14:00~17:00)

PS. The time of the show is mainly based on the coach’s notification; if the travel time permits, it is recommended to start at the high tide time.

  • Exclusive for Mikitravel members: 30 minutes of experience


  • Austrian FANATIC original equipment (SUP all-around/cruising inflatable board, light and medium-weight special SUP paddle)
  • ION Professional Floater (Life Jacket) and ION Ankle
  • Coach and Teaching Assistant Fees
  • photo shoot service
  • The amount of insurance for each personal injury liability: NT$3,000,000
  • Insured amount of bodily injury liability for each accident: NT$24 million
  • The amount of insurance for property damage liability for each accident: NT$2,000,000
  • Maximum compensation amount during the insurance period: NT$48 million


Breakaway! Yuguang Island SUP Stand Up Paddle : Yuguang Island

Breakaway! Taijiang Sicao Lake SUP Stand Up Paddle : 708 Anping Diding Bicycle Trail, Anping District, Tainan City








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  • Boys can wear sweat clothes, sun protection clothes, etc., and beach pants, sports pants, etc.
  • Girls may wear sun protection clothing, sun protection pants or bikinis
  • In addition, most of the upper boards are barefoot, you can bring your own slippers or rubber shoes depending on the venue
  • Please bring your own drinking water (preferably with a hook bottle, please try to avoid bringing bottled water from the market)
  • If you need to carry mobile phones, cameras and other photographic equipment on the water, be sure to take waterproof and anti-drop measures; if you need to carry more personal items, please prepare a waterproof backpack to put it, of course, you can prepare some snacks for yourself to add heat
  • If you wear glasses, please add a spectacle rope or change to contact lenses.
  • Since the activities are all in the open air, there is a high chance of encountering the hot sun. You can prepare sun glasses, hats and other sun protection products (please try to use physical sun protection, avoid using sunscreen or use marine-friendly sunscreen)
  • If you are prone to seasickness, you can take seasickness (car) medicine before the activity
  • Please prepare another set of clean and suitable clothes. After the event, if you need to wash and change clothes, we will provide simple washing equipment for everyone to use. It is also recommended that you prepare towel clothes for easy changing.
  • The safety of water activities is the most important, please respect the guidance and command of the leading coach. In principle, the activities are "out of the group and in". Do not leave the group or leave the sight of the coach without authorization.
  • There are certain risks in any activity in the water, especially in the sea; please keep a heart of respect and awe for nature, and then have fun playing in the water and go home safely
  • Please attend the event on time. Overtime exceeding 20 minutes without contacting the coach will be regarded as a no-show. The event will be cancelled and the payment will not be refunded; the overtime will be deducted from the event time and no longer will be delayed

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Yuguang Island

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