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  • Tianti Town, a must-visit internet celebrity attraction in Mount Fuji
  • Take a relaxing bath in a Japanese-style bathroom
  • Enjoy the fireworks lighting up the clear winter sky at Kawaguchiko Oike Park
  • Complimentary ice cream, coffee or tea in the convenience store

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  • Fujiyama Yoshida City Internet celebrity "Tianti Town"

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and come to Mount Fuji's "Ladder Town". Infinitely close but out of reach, the popular internet celebrity check-in attraction Nikawa Timepiece Store.

  • West Lake Healing Regan Field

Each building has a different theme, including restaurants, souvenir and souvenir shops, and experience classrooms. You can spend a relaxing and healing time while looking at Mount Fuji.

  • Saiko Wild Bird Forest Park

The limited-time "West Lake Ice Festival" is held every February. The huge icicles, which are about 10 meters tall, are a powerful piece of ice art created by the nature of winter! The combination of Mount Fuji and giant icicles is a special sight that must be seen!

  • Lawson convenience store

How to take street scenes at Kawaguchiko Internet celebrity Lawson’s convenience store? Set up a tripod across the street and turn on the portrait mode, wait patiently until there are fewer people, and quickly snap a photo! ! Although taking pictures is beautiful, you must pay attention to safety when crossing the road! #If the scenic spots are unsightly due to weather or other force majeure factors, no refunds will be issued until the film is released! !

  • FUJIYAMA hot spring experience

"FUJIYAMA Hot Spring", which has the largest purely wooden bathhouse in Japan, is located at the foot of Mount Fuji. It is one of the rare skin-beautifying hot springs in the country. You can take a relaxing bath in the Japanese-style bathhouse and choose your favorite dinner afterward!

※The itinerary does not include bathing fees and towels.

※Please note that it is prohibited to bring swimsuits into Japanese hot spring baths. There are separate public baths for men and women.

※After entering the large public bath, please wash your body first before taking a bath~

※If you have tattoos, you will not be allowed to enter.

※Please tie your hair up and do not soak in the hot spring.

※Please do not soak the towel in the hot spring. You can place it outside the bath or place it on your head where it will not touch the hot spring.

※Please dry your feet using a rug or the like before leaving the large bath.

  • Lake Kawaguchi Fireworks Main Venue

Venue: Oike Park (main venue) Oike Park, Yagizaki Park

Winter Fireworks Dates: January 20, 21, 27, and 28, 2024

February 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, February 23 (Fuji Day)

Fireworks time: 20:00~20:20

Location name: Lake Kawaguchi Winter Fireworks Display Venue

Address: Oike Park, 6713-18 Funazu, Fujikawaguchiko-cho, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan


  • Parking fees
  • Toll fees
  • Fuel costs
  • Driver
  • Service fee
  • West Lake Healing Reagan Field Ticket
  • Hot spring experience
  • Personal expenses
  • Meals
  • Accommodation
  • Other expenses not mentioned
  • Hot spring bathing and towel fees


<span class='tour-time'><strong>Day 1</strong></span>

  • Door-to-door pick-up from hotels in the 12 wards of Tokyo (hotel and B&B pick-up package) ※The pick-up order and time are arranged by the driver based on the distance of the car, etc. Please understand and cooperate with each other and follow the driver's arrangements

<span class='tour-time'><strong>11:30</strong></span>  Pick-up and drop-off plan at designated locations - Departing from Tokyo Station Marunouchi North Exit

<span class='tour-time'><strong>12:00</strong></span>  Pick-up and drop-off plan at designated locations - Departs from the front of Shinjuku West Exit Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

<span class='tour-time'><strong>14:00</strong></span>  Fujiyama Yoshida City Internet celebrity "Tianti Town" Hikawa Timepiece Store (about 20 minutes)

<span class='tour-time'><strong>15:10</strong></span>  West Lake Healing Regan Field: Looking at the ancient Gassho Village in the fairy tale of Mount Fuji (about 60 minutes including admission fee, January 20, 21, 27, 28; February 17, 18, February 2024 Go to West Lake Healing Regan Field on the 23rd)

  Saiko Bird Forest Park: Saiko Ice Festival, enjoy the beautiful view of icicles and Mount Fuji (about 60 minutes, February 3, 4, 10, 11, go to Saiko Ice Festival on the above dates)

<span class='tour-time'><strong>16:40</strong></span>  Lawson Convenience Store: a holy place for travel photography. Complimentary ice cream or coffee or tea (cold/hot) in the convenience store, choose one of the above three items, each person is limited to 1 piece, and the driver will purchase it together (about 20 minutes)

<span class='tour-time'><strong>17:20</strong></span>  FUJIYAMA hot spring experience: (about 120 minutes, excluding dinner, hot spring bathing and towel fees)

<span class='tour-time'><strong>19:45</strong></span>  Oike Park: Main venue for Lake Kawaguchi Fireworks (about 60 minutes, including free time, of which 20:00~20:20 is the winter fireworks display time)


10 hour(s)








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  • Traffic jams and other force majeure factors may occur during the itinerary on weekends and red days. The driver will also adjust the itinerary according to the specific situation. Please be sure to have good expectations before placing an order.

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