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  • As far as the eye can see, there are mountains full of green virgin forests, escape from the city and enjoy nature.
  • The farm is planted with cherry blossoms, golden campanula, tung flower, daylily, agapanthus, hydrangea, yellow maple, white snow tree…etc.

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– Itinerary features –

Muxinquan Leisure Farm has a vast hinterland, with a total area of more than eight hectares. From the restaurant platform, you can see mountains full of green virgin forests. The farm is located on a high-altitude mountain between 600 and 900 meters. Watch the sunrise in the morning and see the vitality of the first ray of light; watch the sunset in the evening and see the softness of the sky full of colorful clouds. Standing on the top of the mountain, you can sometimes see the undulating sea of clouds in the mountains. , in addition to the visual enjoyment, the excitement of hearing is also a kind of happiness. Listening to the gentle birdsong, especially the cry of the bamboo chicken "Chicken is good, chicken is good…" is even more cute, and there are also big armored chickens. The sound of the gurgling stream and the beautiful sounds of nature can cleanse the soul and make people infinitely comfortable. In order not to destroy the original scenery of the mountain forest, the pavilions, trails and even the roofs are all built in a primitive and simple tone to integrate into this beautiful natural environment. The farm is planted with cherry blossoms, golden bell trees, tung flowers, daylilies, agapanthus, hydrangeas, yellow maples, white snow trees, etc. There are more than a dozen pavilions and several public toilets in the farm, which can provide tourists with the most comfortable garden experience. Environment, there is a trail about 1 kilometer long in the farm, which can lead visitors to another climax. Following the cascading ups and downs of the mountains, looking down at the restaurant from every angle presents different layouts and lines, which is always exciting. Be pleasantly surprised.

-Itinerary information-

Address: No. 60, Zhongxing Street, Zhonghe Lane, New Community, Taichung City

Business hotline: (+886) 425931201

Business hours: Monday to Friday 09:30 ~ 18:00, last admission time: 16:30
Saturday to Sunday 09:30 ~ 18:30, last admission time: 17:00

– Itinerary content –

Muxinquan Food Experience Half-day Tour (1 person only, available on weekdays and holidays)

· 1 admission ticket · Lunch: 1 hot pot dish of your choice · 1 packet of dried daylily flowers as a souvenir









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No. 60, Zhongxing Street, Zhonghe Lane, New Community, Taichung City

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