[Tateyama Kurobe Bus Three-Day Tour] God’s Hometown “Kamikochi” & Tateyama Kurobe Northern Alps Route & Strolling in Gifu’s “Takayama” Town & World Heritage “Shirakawa-go” & Ameharu Coast|Guaranteed one-night stay at a hot spring hotel|Shinjuku Set off

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Gifu, Nagano, Tokyo, Toyama
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About this tour

  • Take a special train from Shinjuku to easily reach the famous hometown of gods, "Kamikochi", and take a stroll in the secret land of gods!
  • World Cultural Heritage "Shirakawa-go Gassho Village", experience the beautiful original Japanese scenery
  • Walk into Hida Takayama Old Town and enjoy a close-up view of various ancient buildings and old shops inherited from the Edo period
  • One of the most beautiful bays in Japan. The strange rocks along the coast contrast with the distant Tateyama peaks. It is very magnificent.
  • The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route runs from mid-April to the end of November every year. You can enjoy a variety of natural scenery depending on the season you visit.
  • Guaranteed to stay in a hot spring hotel for one night and feel the comfort and leisure in the mountains

The content of this product is provided by machine translation and may not reflect the actual information, please take this into consideration before booking.

-Itinerary information-

・Gathering time: 7:15 in Shinjuku

・Meeting location: Shinjuku Metropolitan Government Large Bus Parking Lot

・Departure time: Departs from Shinjuku at 7:30

・Return information: Arrive around JR Shinjuku Station at about 20:30


  • "The Hometown of God" Kamikochi

Kamikochi is located in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture. Although it is deep in the mountains, it is surrounded by mountains such as Yakidake and the Hotaka Mountain Range. In addition, the Azusa River runs through it, forming a unique local natural landscape. In summer, Kamikochi is a famous summer resort among Japanese people. Not only does it have a pleasant climate, but the alpine scenery along the way is even more amazing. Beginners recommend the "Taisho Pond – Kappa Bridge" route, while tourists with considerable hiking and mountaineering experience recommend the "Kappa Bridge – Myojin Bridge" route. After arriving at Myojin Pond, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the fairyland-like lake. view!

※When choosing a route, please be sure to measure your own ability and consider the time required for the return trip to prevent being late or injured on the return trip.

◆Taisho Pond

It originated from the local Yakidake eruption in 1915 and formed naturally after blocking part of the Azusa River. It also changed the local landscape. From the Taisho Pond, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of the distant Hotaka Mountains reflected in the water, making you feel like you have entered a fantasy world.

◆Kappa Bridge

Kappa Bridge is the most representative building in Kamikochi. It is built with wood from both sides of the Azusa River. As the weather changes, you can enjoy different scenery from the bridge. In the novel "Kappa" by the famous writer Akutagawa Ryunosuke, Kappa Bridge and Taisho Pond were mentioned in particular. Because of this, Kappa Bridge became famous and became a representative attraction of Kamikochi.

◆Myojin Pond

If you want to go to Myojin Pond, you can choose two routes. One is to go upstream along the left bank of the Azusagawa River, and the other is to pass through Takezawa Marsh. After arriving at "Hotaka Shrine Okumiya", you can enjoy the beautiful Myojin Pond. Because Myojin Pond often fogs up in the morning, the local area is shrouded in a mysterious and solemn atmosphere, as if there are gods guarding the local area living in the pond, which attracts many hikers to get a glimpse of it.

※This itinerary does not include the entrance fee of 300 yen to Myojin Pond, please note.

  • "Alpine Route" Tateyama Kurobe

The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Climbing Route is one of the world's most famous mountaineering routes. The entire route runs through the Northern Alps. Because it spans an altitude difference of nearly 2,000 meters, you can enjoy completely different natural landscapes along the way. Tateyama, together with Mount Fuji and Hakusan, is one of the three sacred mountains in Japan. Every year after the opening of the mountain, many tourists come from far and wide to enjoy the world-famous snow walls or the magnificent alpine scenery that can be enjoyed in places such as Biheira and Murodo. , are all stunning views that must be visited in a lifetime! Of course, not to be missed is the Kurobe Dam, the tallest in Japan. Everyone will be shocked by this man-made miracle when they visit the site!


"Murodo Station" at an altitude of 2,450 meters is the highest station in Japan. The "Okuri Pond" nearby is known as the most beautiful volcanic lake in the Northern Alps. The lake is frozen until June, and the lake is usually covered with snow. When the ice and snow melt, the lake water will turn a very pure blue color, which is very beautiful. Strolling along the nearby trails, in addition to admiring rare wildflowers and lush pine trees and other alpine vegetation, if you are lucky, you may even spot traces of Japan's Special Natural Monument "Thunderbird"!

◆Kurobe Dam

The "Kurobe Dam" located on the upper reaches of the Kurobe River in eastern Toyama Prefecture reaches a height of 186 meters, making it the largest dam in Japan! It has a water storage capacity of more than 200 million cubic meters and can release up to 10 tons of river water per second. The scene is quite shocking! Be sure to come and see the spectacular view of the Alpine Route's famous landmark "Kurobe Dam" that took seven years and mobilized more than 10 million people to build.

"Alpine Route" itinerary:

Tateyama Station → [Cable Car Approximately 7 minutes] → Bibeidaira → [Kogen Bus Approximately 50 minutes] → Murodo → [Tunnel Electric Bus Approximately 10 minutes] → Daikanbo Peak → [Cable Car Approximately 7 minutes] → Kurobedaira → [Cable Car Approximately 5 minutes minutes] → Kurobe Lake → [about 15 minutes on foot] → Kurobe Dam → [Kansai Electric Tunnel electric bus about 16 minutes] → Ogizawa Station

  • Hida Takayama Old Street

Takayama's Kamemachi and Shitamachi were once the centers of the former castle towns. They were prosperous for a time, and the ancient streets are a must-visit attraction when sightseeing in Hida Takayama! The "Hida Takayama Morning Market" that has been going on since the Edo period is one of Japan's three major morning markets. As a lively market such as rice market, mulberry market, and flower market, it has been deeply loved by the local people since ancient times and still maintains its characteristics today. charm. There are many local long-established miso shops, traditional craft shops, cafes, and restaurants where you can enjoy local cuisine. Enjoy the famous sweet soy sauce grilled dango and other delicacies while fully experiencing the charm of Hida Takayama♪

  • Shirakawa Township Gassho Village

In 1995, Shirakawa Ao (located in Gifu Prefecture) and Gokayama in Toyama Prefecture were registered as a World Heritage (Cultural Heritage) by UNESCO. There are more than 113 "Gasho-zukuri" style houses located here. "Gasho-zukuri" is a unique Japanese architectural style characterized by its combination of wooden beams and columns in a mountain shape and a thatched roof. In addition to strolling around the world heritage site and taking beautiful photos, a visit here is a place where you can experience Japanese rural culture, life and daily life up close. It is like "Japan's original hometown" and represents Japan's original scenery.

  • Rainy and sunny coast

Legend has it that Minamoto Yoshitsune, a famous general in the Kamakura period, stopped here to take shelter from the rain on his way to Oshu, waiting for the showers to end, so this place was called "Ame Haru". The huge rock next to the Ameharu Coast is called "Yoshitsune Rock". Looking from Toyama Bay towards the rocks and the "Nyoiwa" towering out of the sea, on a clear day you can see the breathtaking view of the 3,000-meter Tateyama Mountain Range peaks towering on the other side.

-Hotel introduction-

Hotels: (Check-in on 5/19.26) Okuhida Hot Spring Village, (check-in at Takayama Hot Spring Village on 6/10), and stay at the APA Hotel in Toyama City on the second day of the trip.

Room type: 2-5 people per room

※Japanese-style or Western-style rooms cannot be specified [including bathroom and toilet].

※Even if there are more than 3 people signing up, the room type may be a single room, but you will not be allowed to share a room with other guests, so don't worry.

※Japanese-style hot springs are large baths separated by men and women, and mixed bathing may be provided depending on the hotel.

※Please do not wear swimsuits or towels when bathing in the bathtub or make loud noises. In addition, travelers with tattoos are advised to avoid entering the bathhouse.

-Important information-

Please confirm the following points before going to [Kamikochi] and [Tateyama Kurobe]:

1. The temperature difference in the mountains is large and it is easy to rain suddenly. Please be sure to wear non-slip mountaineering equipment and warm clothes and carry a raincoat or umbrella.

2. Please make sure to bring the following items with you just in case: hiking shoes, first aid medicines, dry food and mineral water.

  • This product is only available to children over 3 years old. Children under 3 years old cannot register. Please understand.
  • The space in the car is limited, and each person is limited to one large piece of luggage. Please understand.
  • Please note that the tour leader will conduct on-board tours in Chinese and Japanese, but will not conduct disembarking tours.


  • Consumption tax
  • Service fee
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Parking fees
  • Toll fees
  • Tour guide
  • DAY1 dinner
  • DAY2.3Breakfast
  • Tateyama Kurobe Route Transportation Fee
  • Lunch
  • Personal expenses
  • Other expenses not mentioned
  • DAY2 dinner
  • Personal insurance (recommended to sign up before departure)


<span class='tour-time'><strong>Day 1</strong></span>

  • 07:15 Arrive at the meeting point and find the "TRAVEX TOURS" sign

  Meeting point: Shinjuku Metropolitan Government Large Car Parking Lot

  Meeting point: Shinjuku Metropolitan Government Large Car Parking Lot

  Meeting point: Shinjuku Metropolitan Government Large Car Parking Lot

  Arrive at Kamikochi (free to walk, stay for about 3-4 hours)

  Kamikochi landmark "Taisho Pond"

  Kamikochi landmark "Kappa Bridge"

<span class='tour-time'><strong>18:00</strong></span>  (5/19.26) Stay in Takayama Hot Spring Village, enjoy local hot springs and special banquet dishes

<span class='tour-time'><strong>18:00</strong></span>  (6/10) Stay at Okuhida Onsen Village and enjoy local hot springs and special kaiseki dishes

  • 08:00 The departure time will be adjusted depending on the hotel arrangement. ※Please pay attention to the meeting time and do not be late.

<span class='tour-time'><strong>09:00</strong></span>  You will arrive at Gaoshan Old Street around 8:00-9:00, and you can have free time after arrival (stay for about 2 hours)

<span class='tour-time'><strong>12:00</strong></span>  Arrive at the World Heritage Site "Shirakawa-go" Gassho Village (free time & lunch at your own expense, stay for about 2 hours)

<span class='tour-time'><strong>15:30</strong></span>  Arrive at "Ame Haru Coast", one of the most beautiful bays in Japan (free time, stay for about 1 hour)

  • 07:00 Hotel breakfast is available starting at 6:30, please be sure to pack your luggage before enjoying breakfast ※Please note that the itinerary needs to depart on time

<span class='tour-time'><strong>08:00</strong></span>  After arriving at Tateyama Station [Start the Tateyama Kurobe Route to traverse the Northern Alps]

  Tateyama Station → [Cable Car Approximately 7 minutes] → Bibeidaira → [Kogen Bus Approximately 50 minutes] → Murodo → [Tunnel Electric Bus Approximately 10 minutes] → Daikanbo Peak → [Cable Car Approximately 7 minutes] → Kurobedaira → [Cable Car Approximately 5 minutes minutes] → Kurobe Lake → [about 15 minutes on foot] → Kurobe Dam → [Kansai Electric Tunnel electric bus about 16 minutes] → Ogizawa Station

  After arriving at Murodo, please enjoy the observation deck and Mikuri Pond (lunch and activities at your own expense, stay for about 150 minutes)

  Kurobe Dam: Japan’s tallest dam! Please enjoy the breathtaking and magnificent scenery (walk freely and stay for about 50 minutes)


3 day(s)








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  • If affected by traffic congestion, facility maintenance, etc., the itinerary or stay time at each attraction will be adjusted.
  • Please leave enough time to arrive meeting point. The bus will depart on time. If you are late and leave the group midway, you will be deemed to have automatically given up the unfinished trip and no additional refunds will be given.
  • The itinerary includes a lot of walking time, so please wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • The cable car may be suspended due to weather conditions such as rain, dense fog, lightning, strong winds, etc. In addition, please understand that the summit observation deck may be closed due to traffic.
  • The room type is subject to the final provision of the hotel and cannot be specified.
  • If you have special needs such as smoking/non-smoking rooms or allergy requirements, please note in "Requests & Remarks" column in advance and we can help inquire whether they can be provided, but we cannot guarantee.
  • If the scenic spots are unavailable due to bad weather or traffic, or other safety concerns occur, the tour leader has the right to change or cancel part of the itinerary at any time. Please note that there will be no refunds.
  • The space in the car is limited, and each person is limited to one large piece of luggage.

Tour's Location

Japan, Azumi, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, Kamikochi

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