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Mikitravel handles tourist visas for Thailand! No need to go to Thailand’s trade and economic offices or travel agencies in person. You can skip the paper procedures by booking an appointment online, and save the time of queuing up for visas on arrival.

  • Get rid of the cumbersome paper procedures, quickly place an order online, and have Mikitravel handle it
  • The agency only takes about 3 working days
  • No need to wait in long queues to apply for Thailand tourist visa

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— Important Info —

**From November 10, 2023 to May 10, 2024, holders of Taiwan passports with a stay of not more than 30 days will be exempted from visa requirements for entry into Thailand.

  • Passengers who plan to go to other countries in the near future, please confirm the latest travel and visa restrictions with the airline, office, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before departure
  • Number of days to process the certificate: 3 working days (excluding the date of submission, the return time of the certificate, and the holiday)
  • Validity of certificate: Stay from 31 days to 59 days/single entry
  • Required materials:
    – The original passport of the Republic of China: The original passport is required. The validity period of the passport must be more than six months when entering Thailand. No information can be clipped or stapled in the passport. At least 2 pages of the passport are blank visa pages
    – Photocopy of the National Identity Card of the Republic of China: It must be a clear and complete photocopy of the original scale, please do not copy
    – Copy of Household Register: For applicants below 14 years old who do not have an ID card, please attach a copy of the Household Register or the original copy of the household registration within 3 months
    – A recent two-inch color photo with a white background: 1 color photo with a big head and a white background within six months (same as the passport size) from the top of the head (counting from the hair) to the chin 3.2 to 3.6 cm
    – Flight information: Departure date and length of stay
    – Hotel information: Please provide the address, name, and telephone number of the hotel where you live in Thailand
    – If the place of birth on the passport of the Republic of China is Vietnam, Khmer, or Laos, a copy of the issued round-trip air ticket must be attached
  • Taiwan-wide shipping agency service mailing process:
    – Documents are important personal assets, please send them by registered mail (After placing an order, the representative center will send a message via Mikitravel APP with the shipping address and preparation information)
    – After the Mikitravel agency center receives the information and completes the processing, the supplier will mail it to the address provided by the customer
    – No return postage is required

— Additional Info —

  • Thailand visa form 
  • Relevant visa regulations and fees are subject to the announcement of the visa office at the time of delivery 
  • Relevant materials must be mailed to the partner manufacturer






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  • Relevant materials must be mailed to the partner manufacturer

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