Xizhi, New Taipei | Maple Appreciation at Gongbei Hall & Baishi Lake Suspension Bridge & Shifen Old Street & Shifen Waterfall | One-day pick-up by chartered car in the secret place of maple viewing

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  • Seasonal Limited Maple Appreciation Mystery
  • Private chartered travel is safe and secure
  • Careful service by professional guides

The content of this product is provided by machine translation and may not reflect the actual information, please take this into consideration before booking.

– Service Introduction-

  • Departure time: decide the departure time by yourself (recommended departure between 08:00-10:00)
  • Departure point: Hotels in Taipei/New Taipei City (please note the detailed address when booking) / Taoyuan Airport (please provide flight information in the note)
  • Length of trip: 8 hours (before the latest end time 22:00, the airport departure will be counted 60 minutes after the flight lands)
  • Return information: Taipei/New Taipei city center hotels, night markets, scenic spots (the price difference is required for non-Taipei urban areas) / Taoyuan Airport (Jiufen must end one hour earlier)
  • Chartered vehicle type: 1-4 passengers – five-seater car / 4-7 passengers – nine-seater car
  • Route Arrangement: Departure from Taipei – Shifen Waterfall – Shifen Old Street (lunch at own expense) – Xizhi Gongbei Temple (Maple Viewing) – Baishi Lake Suspension Bridge – Return to Taipei

- Attraction Description-

  • Gongbei Temple "Gongbei Temple" is a maple viewing spot in Xizhi District, New Taipei City. Every year from late November to late December, the "maple trees" all over the mountain will attract a large number of tourists. The alleys are full of food charm, and every famous store is bustling with activity on holidays. Gongbei Temple is a centuries-old temple in New Taipei City. The temple hall is simple and elegant, very Japanese shrine style. The entrance to the mountain adopts the form of the torii gate of the shrine. As soon as the cold snap passes, the maple red is all over the mountain, and the wind falls on the shoulders. You don’t need to go to Japan , You can feel the ultimate expression of autumn poetry and painting.
  • Baishi Lake Suspension Bridge Baishi Lake Suspension Bridge is located in Neihu Baishi Lake Leisure Agriculture Area. The entrance of the suspension bridge is located next to the parking lot of Kaizhang Shengwang Temple in Bishanyan. It is 116 meters long and spans the Zhongyong Mountain and Daluntou Mountain System. The image of the keel is specially used to shape it. From the east side of the "Dragon Boat Rock", it connects Baishihu Mountain, Daluntou Mountain, Zhongyong Mountain, Liyu Mountain, and ends at Yuanjue Waterfall. Looking down from the air, it looks like a giant dragon occupying Baishi, guarding Baishi. lake area.
  • Shifen Old Street "Shifen Old Street" is the birthplace of sky lanterns, and it can be called the earliest and largest settlement in the history of Pingxi's mining industry. Shifen Old Street is connected to the train tracks. It not only has the unique railway style of "passing by the train door", but also is a scenic spot for singers' MVs and movies. Today, the old street still retains the old architectural style, and there are many restaurants and sky lantern handicraft shops, showing new vitality.
  • Shifen Waterfall is located in Pingxi District, New Taipei City, between Dahua Station and Shifen Station on the Pingxi Line Railway. Like a white satin, it falls into a large deep pool. The water vapor formed by the waterfall often permeates above the waterfall pool. When it is irradiated by the sun, it presents a rainbow. reputation. Shifen Waterfall is an anticlinal waterfall because the inclination of the rock formation is opposite to the water flow. This situation is similar to Niagara Falls in North America, which earned it the reputation of "Taiwan Niagara Falls".


  • Transportation
  • Parking fees
  • Toll fees
  • Fuel costs
  • Passenger insurance 5 million
  • Tips
  • Personal expenses
  • Meals
  • Other expenses not mentioned








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  • The color and model of the car are not specified, and the actual dispatch of the car is based on the day.
  • Some scenic spots in Taiwan will have sudden temporary traffic control according to the daily crowd situation. When encountering traffic control, you need to transfer to a shuttle bus at your own expense.
  • The service staff will contact you one day before departure, please make sure that the network function is smooth and pay attention to the message of the mobile phone communication software.
  • Please note that the following behaviors are prohibited in the car: eating, drinking, smoking, applying sunscreen, taking off shoes, kicking the back of the driver's seat, spitting while opening the window, and littering. If you feel unwell, please inform the driver; Dirt shall be compensated according to the price, and shall be paid in cash on the spot.
  • Maple red is a seasonal product, affected by natural weather, so the degree of maple red is not guaranteed.

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