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About this tour

  • Located on the bank of Meihua Lake, it provides the best view of the lake and natural mountain forests.
  • You can directly face the lake and mountains in the camper and the open-air platform, and enjoy the stars at night
  • The camper provides comfortable heating and cooling air conditioning and separate dry and wet bathroom facilities.
  • Allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty while having a comfortable camping experience

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-Introduction to the camp-

  • Camper van

Located in Dongshan Township, Yilan County, Meihua Lake Camper is a charming and popular camping landmark. The camp is surrounded by lakeside and magnificent mountains, creating a pleasant natural environment. It is known for its laid-back, peaceful atmosphere and stunning scenery. In addition to its lakeside features, it also combines recreation, accommodation, ecology, camping, restaurants, etc., making it a well-known landmark for outdoor lazy camping. There is a 2.3-kilometer-long bicycle trail on the Meihua Lake next to the park. Visitors can experience bicycle sightseeing, boating on the lake and SUP boating experience. If you like to get close to nature, you can choose to experience it under the diverse green plants and the chirping of insects and birds. Be in an atmosphere where nature surrounds you. Enjoy nature to its fullest. Enjoy stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains. The park is not only an ideal place for leisure and vacation, but also a paradise for photography lovers. Here you can capture stunning landscapes and natural landscapes and make great memories and photos.

-Meal introduction-

  • Classic set meals: popular chicken leg steak, thin salt mackerel rice, healthy vegetarian rice (lacto-ovo-vegetarian)
  • Baked series: beef baked lasagna, seafood baked lasagna, fresh mushroom baked lasagna (lacto-lacto vegetarian)
  • Cheese Pizza (8 inches): Rosemary Spring Chicken Pizza, Hawaiian Heavy Cheese Pizza

The above packages come with Japanese soup and black tea (exclusive for guests)









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Tour's Location

No. 1, Lane 75, Dapi 2nd Road, Dongshan Township, Yilan County

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